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Rodtang Ready For Haggerty, Takeru After ONE Fight Night 10 Victory


. The ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion received nothing but love from the American audience and then went out and defended his belt in exciting fashion. made its U.S. debut on May 5 with ONE Fight Night 10,

With his latest title defense behind him, Rodtang has a plethora of opportunities sitting in front of him.Before ONE Fight Night 10, Rodtang was linked to possible Superlek Kiatmoo9 and Takeru Segawa bouts. Jonathan Haggerty then went and grabbed the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Championship, opening the door for another matchup between the two rivals.“I’m willing to fight anybody, including Superlek, but I just think from a Thailand perspective that Superlek’s a Muay Thai athlete holding a kickboxing belt, and I hold the Muay Thai belt. It’s just better for Thailand,” said Rodtang.“But I’m willing to face anybody. I really want to fight Haggerty and Takeru right now.”“I was just shocked. I’m just very grateful. I never thought as a child, you know, struggling in poverty that I’d be here.”Rodtang looked comfortable inside the Circle and never appeared to be phased by Colorado’s elevation. When asked about making weight and handling the elements at the press conference, Rodtang revealed he was assisted by a fellow athlete on the card.The Thai star showed off his crisp Muay Thai with a second-round knockout over Edgar Tabares. The 1stBank Center rocked with chants of Rodtang’s name for the rest of the evening.Although he is ready to compete against anyone, he feels it’s best for the country of Thailand to see him and Superlek carry two separate belts. That leaves him focusing more on the other two marquee matchups for now.

Muay Thai MONSTER 😳🔥 Rodtang’s Ruthless ELBOW KO of Edgar Tabares

[embedded content]“It’s up to Chatri, but I want to fight them all. I definitely want to fight Takeru. I want to fight them all,” expressed Rodtang.“Yeah, I was shocked. I had no idea that Americans would respond that way or that I already have a fanbase in America,” Rodtang said at the post-event press conference.“I was really thrilled with the opportunity to fight in America and show the beauty of Muay Thai. I really want to elevate it as an art. You know, I truly believe in Muay Thai, love Muay Thai, and I want the world to see the beauty of Muay Thai, too,” said Rodtang.“I’m very good friends with Mikey Musumeci, and Mikey Musumeci was my buddy in terms of helping me lose the weight and, you know, the hydration, so I’m very grateful to Mikey. And in terms of America, America is like Thailand. I didn’t feel any effect of the high altitude at all,” said “The Iron Man.”

It was a special performance for “The Iron Man,” who is helping lead the charge in growing Muay Thai around the world. ONE’s global ruleset for the sport has helped spark the sport’s interest worldwide.Rodtang Ready For Haggerty, Takeru After ONE Fight Night 10 Victory

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