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What Is the Dagestani Handcuff Used by Khabib in the UFC?


The Dagestani Handcuff can be applied from the top position, side control, or even when the opponent is in a turtle position.MMA/UFC fighters can win rounds quite easily by controlling an opponent on the ground and racking up control time, and the Dagestani Handcuff is perfect for this as it stops an opponent from posting with their hands.

What Is the Dagestani Handcuff Used by Khabib and UFC/MMA Fighters?

OverallOverall4. Free the Trapped Wrist: Use your free hand to grip your opponent’s wrist that’s holding the handcuff. Apply pressure and try to slide your trapped hand out. Remember, it’s a battle of leverage.When commentating, Daniel Cormier constantly mentions the Dagestani Handcuff because of his wrestling background and love for the art. Dominick Cruz was also very fond of Khabib’s Dagestani Handcuff and grappling control.Overall, the Dagestani Handcuff is a two-for-one deal as it allows for control and scoring points/damage.

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