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Brendan Schaub Says UFC Offered Ronda Rousey ‘More Money Than God’ To Return But ‘Rowdy’ Declined | MiddleEasy


“I’ll say this, I have it on good authority they offered Ronda Rousey more money than you can imagine to come back, and she said no,” Schaub said. “It’s like the guy that can’t get the hot girl [and just said] like, ‘She’s ugly.’ That’s like, Dana’s like, ‘No dude, we never offered her. She’s not fighting.’ Maybe Dana didn’t do the deal, I’m not saying Dana offered it. From what I know, they offered her more money than God and she was like, ‘I’m good.’ Ronda’s very smart, has other businesses, her farms, her houses. She doesn’t need to do any of it. She said no.”“More money than God to come back and fight and she said no,” he repeated.

Rousey has yet to comment on the subject but should she consider making a UFC return, Holly Holm, one of her former rivals would be glad to welcome her back.
It can be recalled that Holm marked the beginning of the end of Rousey’s reign as the bantamweight queen when she stopped “Rowdy” at UFC 193. According to “The Preacher’s Daughter,” she would “absolutely revisit” their rivalry once Rousey decided to return to the UFC.

Speaking on his podcast, “Big Brown” dropped a shocking claim stating that he “heard” that the UFC offered an insane amount of money for Rousey to return but to no avail.UFC president Dana White has already dismissed another rumor of Ronda Rousey’s UFC return, reiterating that there wasn’t even any discussion about it. However, Brendan Schaub claims that there was indeed an offer made but the former UFC women’s bantamweight champ gave it a hard NO.

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