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Sean O’Malley Says Sterling Is His ‘Toughest’ Opponent But He’s ‘Dangerous’ For Aljo: ‘I Find People’s Chins’ | MiddleEasy


“You pick out who’s the toughest fight in the division, for me it’s Aljamain Sterling, you pick out the toughest guy in the division for pretty much anybody in the division, Aljamain is the toughest opponent, he’s the best bantamweight the UFC’s ever had he’s in his prime he’s f**king, he’s good. There’s no way around it and that’s what’s exciting,” O’Malley explained. “This is the challenge. It’s a very difficult puzzle. I’m gonna have to come very very focused for this fight, I can’t afford to make mistakes in this fight.”After feuding for a long time, Sean O’Malley and reigning UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling will now take on each other in a title fight at UFC 292. Heading into the biggest fight of his soaring career, O’Malley insists that the champ is at risk as he is bringing in danger inside the Octagon.

Sterling is coming in off another successful title defense against Henry Cejudo at UFC 288. He previously said he preferred to rest longer but was obliged to defend his belt again when the UFC booked him against O’Malley. On the other hand, O’Malley earned the title shot after securing a trilling decision win over Yan at UFC 280.

O’Malley boasts one of the most impressive resumes in the UFC at present. But as confident as he is about becoming the champion, “Sugar” still acknowledges the fact that Sterling is the “toughest” guy in the division and the fight could go the other way if he messes up.

Speaking to ESPN MMA, “Sugar” admitted that beating Sterling may be a bit harder than usual, he is confident he got all that it takes to get the job done. For those who doubt him, O’Malley pointed out that they should all go back to the Petr Yan fight.

Sterling vs. O’Malley will take place at UFC 292 on Aug. 19 at the TD Garden, in Boston, Massachusetts.“This is a very very physical intense game of chess. There’s five rounds, 25 minutes, it might take him a little bit longer to frustrate him, not grab me, not get a hold of me, not be able to take me down, I’m cracking with a hard shot, make him start questioning things,” O’Malley said of Sterling… “I find people’s chins, who in the UFC has dropped Petr Yan, who in the UFC has cracked Petr hard, I don’t think anyone has I dropped him, I rocked him and then dropped him. He did crack me back beautifully, didn’t drop me though, he took me down but I found Petr’s chin and that’s hard to do. Petr’s really really good. That was with the left hand I rocked him, dropped him around, I have so many weapons… I’m a dangerous fight for Aljo too so you know it’s exciting, August 19th.”

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