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Inbar Lanir new World number one U78kg


The Canadian battle continues U57kg where World Champion Christa Deguchi is still leading but feels the heat of Klimkait at place two after winning the gold in Budapest at the Masters.Amandine Buchard is at position two U52kg in the world ranking, just behind Distria Krasniqi who she defeated in the World Masters final.Tal Flicker U66kgIsraeli World Ranking leadersRaz Hershko +78kgPeter Paltchik U100kgSagi Muki U81kgWorld Champion Inbar Lanir is now the new world number one U78kg. Lanir was at place two for quite some time but now passed Alice Bellandi who was so dominant in the first months of the year and was the previous winner of the masters in Jerusalem, the country of Lanir. The French rivals Tcheumeo (3) and Malonga (4) make it an exciting race who will be placed for Paris 2024.Italy’s Assunta Scutto is now world ranking leader U48kg. She kept the second position for quite some time but after her bronze in Budapest she passed Shirine Boukli who was injured.Timna Nelson Levy U57kgIt’s more clear in +78kg where Romane Dicko defeated her rival and friend Julia Tolofua (3) and Dicko is back at her number one position.Yarden Gerbi U63kgInbar Lanir U78kgKosovo’s Laura Fazliu is ranked second, coming from 6 after her gold medal in Budapest. British Lucy Renshall is coming back from an injury but is still leading in a category where the differences are quite small in the top of the ranking.Japanese Saki Niizoe is still leading the bunch U70kg but Sanne van Dijke jumped to place two after her victory U70kg. Croatians Matic (3) and Cvjetko (5) make it a long qualification battle.

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