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Japan sets best ever performance at FISU World University Games


Hungary have won a gold medal in Judo at the World University Games in 2003, 2013 and of course 2023 to finish the statistics. The U90 kg category showcased outstanding performances and talent of Roland Goz from Hungary who took the center stage, clinching the gold medal. South Korea’s JuYeop Han fought secured the silver, while the bronze was shared by Japan’s Kazuki Nakanishi and Mark van Dijk from the Netherlands.The U81 kg category Yoshito Hojo from Japan stood atop the podium, wearing the gold medal  after he defeated  Nurbek Murtozoev of Uzbekistan.Star profile Mimi HuhThe U66 kg category witnessed captivating matches that left the crowd in awe. Shinsei Hattori from Japan outshone the competition, claiming the gold medal. Tatsuki Ishihara from Japan emerged as the dominant force in the U73 kg category, securing the gold medal with a display of remarkable skill. Rashid Mammadaliyev from Azerbaijan showcased his grit and determination to claim the silver.At the FISU World University Games in Chengdu, Japan was once again unstoppable, claiming a remarkable total of 9 gold medals. Unsurprisingly, this led to their victory in the country standings, with an additional three silver medals and five bronze medals, bringing their total to 13. Korea was the best of the rest, securing two titles and a total of eight medals. Germany, Hungary, and China each won a single weight category. For China, it was also their sole medal, but fortunately, it was a gold medal.The FISU World University Games in Chengdu had etched its mark on history with the team event coming up on Tuesday.In the U60 kg category, Taiki Nakamura from Japan displayed unmatched finesse, earning the gold medal in the final against former world number one Yung Wei Yang of Chinese Taipei.Judoka Mimi Huh is a 20-year-old player from South Korea who last competed prior to the Covid pandemic, in 2019 before she made a golden debut at the Grand Slam in Tbilisi in June 2022. It was in the 2019 World Junior Championships that she lost in the semifinal to Liparteliani. In Tbilisi, she faced Liparteliani again and threw her. Huh went on to win the final, against Pauline Starke of Germany. She took the gold medal at the Grand Slam in Tbilisi and Abu Dhabi in 2022. She was victorious at the Grand Prix in Portugal in 2023. She bagged bronze at the Grand Slam in Ulaanbaatar in 2023. This time she claimed the gold in Chengdu putting Korea at the second place in the medal ranking.All other gold medals in the 2023 were for Japan. The best ever performance in history.Hibiki Shiraishi from Japan mesmerized the crowd with her skill, taking home the gold medal in the U52 kg category. Kirari Yamaguchi from Japan dazzled the audience with her impressive techniques, claiming the gold medal in the U63 kg category. Agathe Devitry from France secured the silver, while the bronze was shared by the Netherlands’ Nadiah Krachten and Germany’s Agatha Schmidt. Mayu Honda from Japan dominated the U70 kg category, securing the gold medal with her exceptional performance. Samira Bock from Germany fought valiantly to claim the silver.In the women’s U48 kg category, Hikari Yoshioka from Japan shone brightly, securing the gold medal with her exemplary technique. Former Junior World Champion Amber Gersjes from the Netherlands took a valuable silver medal at this level, while the bronze was shared by South Korea’s Yeonju Oh and Azerbaijan’s Leyla Aliyeva.Mizuki Sugimura from Japan displayed unparalleled strength and skill in the U78 kg category, earning the gold medal making it nine of Japan.Another country to win a medal outside Japan was Germany celebrating its first ever World University title in history. In the U100 kg category, Falk Petersilka from Germany emerged as the undisputed champion, displaying exceptional strength and technique to claim the gold. Kaito Green from Japan showcased secured the silver, while the bronze was shared by Kazakhstan’s Bekarys Saduakas and Mongolia’s Gonchigsuren Batkhuyag.In the heavyweight category, O78 kg, Chundi Jia from China emerged victorious, earning the gold medal through her impressive display of strength and technique. Saetbyeol Park of South Korea secured the silver.Korea captured two titles. The heavyweight category, O100 kg, brought thunderous applause from the crowd as Min-Jong Kim of South Korea showcased his might to claim the gold medal. Mimi Huh of South Korea was a force to be reckoned with in the U57 kg category, earning the gold medal through her stellar performance and she defeated Akari Omori of Japan in the final. Korea have a rich history in the FISU Games, although in 2019 just one title was won, in 2017 4, in 2015 even 8 gold medals. For sure is that the Asian countries dominate the history.

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