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‘Cowboy’ Cerrone Accuses Andrew Tate Of Buying His Title Belts On EBay: ‘You’re A Fake Bullsh*t Wannabe Fighter’


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“I’ll knock the sh*t outta you. I’m a real fighter. You’re a fake bullsh*t wannabe fighter who made up a bunch of world championship belts that you bought off eBay. Are you kidding me? I love how you have all your followers thinking you’re something great. Earlier this month, Andrew Tate took aim at ‘Cowboy’ after being told that the former UFC fan favorite had nothing nice to say about his fight game. Tate took exception to the second-handed insult and, while he didn’t explicitly attempt to start a rivalry with Cerrone, he offered ‘Cowboy’ the opportunity to find out firsthand how good his fight game truly is. As it turns out, there is one fight that UFC Hall of Famer Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone would come out of retirement for. Speaking to members of the media ahead of the ceremony, Cerrone had no regrets regarding his retirement, nor did he have the desire to climb back into the Octagon, but he’s more than willing to step out of his cushy retirement if it means planting social media sensation Andrew Tate six-feet under the canvas. Getting wind of Tate’s comments, ‘Cowboy’ snapped back in a video on social media, owning up to the comments and doubling down at the same time.

‘Cowboy’ Cerrone Lays Down a Challenge to Andrew Tate

Last year, the 53-fight veteran officially laid down his gloves and called it a career after nearly two decades of competing with some of the biggest names in the history of mixed martial arts. A year later, ‘Cowboy’ would be immortalized as a member of the UFC’s Hall of Fame class of 2023. “If he has a problem with me, he can come to my house, he knows where I am, everyone knows where I am,” Tate said in response to the criticism from Cerrone. “Until then, I have no problems with anybody. As for Cerrone, if he thinks I can’t fight then if he wants to tell me to my face and kick my ass he’s welcome to try and I strongly believe he would regret that decision.”With Tate’s current situation, we wouldn’t expect to see ‘Cowboy’ vs. the Top G anytime soon, but when Donald Cerrone wants to fight, the universe seemingly bends to his will.

“Andrew Tate, you got everyone calling and blowing my phone up whilst I’m out on vacation, talking allegations you want to try and fight me, if I come up to you it’s not a good idea to save your face, bro please okay” Cerrone responded. “Back in the day with me and Joe Schilling, always used to watch your videos because he wanted to fight you and you ran like a little girl your entire career, bro are you kidding me? ‘Cowboy’ went on to challenge Andrew Tate for a clash inside the Octagon with the fight taking place on the same night that tech billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are rumored to go toe-to-toe.

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