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Naoya Inoue vs. Stephen Fulton full fight video highlights


Fulton vs Inoue R5Fulton vs Inoue R1Fulton vs Inoue R4For more on Inoue vs. Fulton, check out the live blog by Bad Left Hook below.Inoue out and just jabbing, jabbing, jabbing again. He’s picking up the pace. Right hand up top, and another one follows. Fulton does land a left hook. Inoue to the body. Fulton banging at Inoue’s ribs when they tie up. Gotta do something, that’s good work. Inoue still winning the jab battle, and clearly, and Fulton is a terrific jabber. Right hand from Fulton and a nice one, caught Inoue going straight back there. Inoue back to the body with a jab, double jab from Fulton. Inoue back to the body with a jab again. And again. Fulton misses a 1-2 badly, that looked slow in context of this fight. Inoue with a combination and then gets out quickly. 1-2 again from Inoue. Jab to the body. Fulton’s nose getting bloodier and bloodier. Again Inoue smashing that nose up. Right hand Inoue, Fulton trying to throw but he’s slow in comparison, not landing anything real clean. Good jab from Fulton, but he gets backed to the ropes, and gets there before he even knows he’s at the ropes, so he hits them kind of wonky.“This is the baddest man at 122 lbs, and Inoue is making this look easy.” – Tim Bradley

Inoue 10-9

Fulton vs Inoue R2Catch the video highlights below.

Inoue 10-9, 20-18

Inoue just continuing to do what he’s been doing. Right counter from Inoue doesn’t quite get there. Jabbing still working to control the distance. Fulton just isn’t doing what he needs or wants to do. Good left hook from Inoue gets in. Jab to the body again. Fulton with a better little jab. Inoue with another right, glancing. Even the moments Fulton is doing well he’s about 50/50 with Inoue, and the rest is not close to 50/50. Four-punch combo from Inoue. Jab. Jab. 1-2. Fulton hurt a bit on that right, but he comes forward and tries to get back. Good left from Inoue hurts Fulton a bit late, too, and Steph comes back strong as he can, but Inoue again beating him to the punch in close.Watch Naoya Inoue vs. Stephen Fulton full fight video highlights from the Inoue vs. Fulton event, courtesy of Top Rank Boxing and other outlets.

Inoue 10-9, 30-27

Level change again with the jabs as the round starts, Inoue just going back to the well until Fulton stops it. Jab to the body and a left hook cracks Fulton up top. Right hand over the top. Fulton trying to get on the front foot and it’s not working so far. Jabs still short. Right hand Inoue. Jabs short from Fulton again. Jab to the body from Inoue. Jab to the body, right hand up top partially blocked. Fulton throws a 1-2, not sure either got home. Jab to the body from Inoue. Jab up top from Inoue might have been a bit short. Fulton feinting, twitchy, eats a jab. Jab to the body again. Inoue just totally in control here. Fulton is trigger-shy and can’t do anything. Inoue wings a right, misses, up jab again. Right hand and a left from Inoue as Fulton gets inside and does let his hands go a bit, did do something there but it was basically neutralized. Uppercut late from Inoue.Right hand from Inoue, then another, combination from Inoue! Fulton looking rattled, that’s no lie. Fulton blocking shots, but Inoue looking very confident right now. Body shot from Fulton lands in another combination. Jab to the head, jab to the body. Fulton can’t find his range at all. He’s stepping long with his front foot but it’s doing nothing for him. Inoue points it out, Fulton stepping on his foot, ref warns. Right hand from Inoue. Right hand from Inoue. Right hand from Inoue. Jab from Inoue. Fulton looks totally frozen in place at the moment. Then he comes forward with a right. Inoue marches forward again, right hand partially blocked.

Inoue 10-9, 40-36

Inoue with a jab to the body. Both standing and feinting a bit at first. Inoue with a jab to the body. Fulton flicking his jab out a couple times, but they’re short. Fulton with a jab to the body, quick and snappy. Wide stance from Fulton. Inoue misses a job to the body. Left and right from Inoue, right hand blocked. Up jab from Inoue. Inoue explodes off of a missed shot, but nothing big landing, just wanted to counter if he could. Good jab from Inoue. Fulton leads with a right, misses, Inoue counter misses. Both guys really quick early. Inoue with the jab again, maybe glanced there. Jab to the body lands, though. Inoue backs Fulton down a bit, Fulton ties him up. Inoue winging but missing with power shots. Fulton falls in, Inoue throws his free right hand at the head, warned for going behind a bit.Fulton’s punches looking slower and more weary as the rounds go on. And Inoue just staying totally sharp. Fulton does catch Inoue going straight back again with a right, but doesn’t land it flush. It’s a clean connect, though. And then Inoue back with a right, and then another backs Fulton up a bit. Right from Fulton back! This is heating up now. Inoue with another right. Inoue seems to be inviting the slugest a bit, but Fulton’s landing shots still matter. Fulton is not running away from this, by the way, he’s trying actively to figure it out. Inoue with a right. Right hand again from Inoue. Not all of these are flush, either, to be clear, but there’s a good amount of them now. Tim Bradley thinks Fulton is having a “better round,” but at this point Inoue has taken over the round fully, he had moments early.

Inoue 10-9, 50-45

Fulton vs Inoue R6Fulton vs Inoue R3

Inoue 10-9, 60-54

Inoue vs. Fulton took place July 25 at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan. Naoya Inoue (25-0, 22 knockouts) battled Stephen Fulton (21-1, 8 knockouts) for Fulton’s WBC and WBO super bantamtaweight titles. The fight aired live on ESPN+.Fulton hit double digit connects for the first time last round, according to the good people at CompuBox. Jabs to the body again from Inoue to start this round. RIGHT HAND HURTS FULTON AND HE’S DOWN! It may be over! Fulton is up, and he will continue, but he’s in terrible shape here. Inoue trying to close! Fulton rocked again! Fulton trying to hang on and fire back! Inoue unloading REFEREE STOPS IT AS FULTON GOES DOWN AGAIN!Good right from Fulton early. Trying to get the jab working still. Inoue shifts his weight and throws a right, doesn’t quite land and Fulton gets away. Fulton has stayed on the front foot a lot. Check hook from Inoue. Good shot from Fulton with a right hand! Inoue storms back on him and does not give Fulton a chance to settle into a groove. It’s good defense from Fulton there, but the way Inoue doesn’t allow opponents to build momentum is incredible. Fulton bleeding a bit outside the left eye. Inoue charges in with a little flurry, and Fulton trying to reset the real estate, but Inoue just moving with him almost instinctively. Counter right from Fulton, Inoue to the body. Right hand from Inoue. Inoue with another flurry, again not everything landing, maybe not half of it landing, but it says so much about how the fight is going, because Fulton has to just back down and reset. Right hand Inoue, left hook Fulton. Both jab and land. Fulton’s best round, probably. If you give him one of the first seven, it’d be this. Not me.

Inoue 10-9, 70-63

Fulton vs Inoue R7Fulton vs Inoue R8

Inoue TKO-8

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