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See Iconic Bruce Lee Sculpture in Los Angeles


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With the 50th anniversary of his death rapidly approaching, fans of Bruce Lee in the Los Angeles-area can celebrate the late martial arts legend’s memory by viewing a life-size sculpture of Lee throwing his trademark sidekick. The sculpture will be the centerpiece of an exhibition of works by renowned Chinese artist Chu Tat-shing presented by the Chinese American Museum. Chu painstakingly created the 3.5 meter sculpture after watching Lee throw his sidekick on film and viewing a number of photos as he attempted to make the portrayal as accurate as possible down to the pants’ creases and the type of shoes Lee wore. Previously exhibited in Hong Kong, it will be the first time the Lee sculpture has been unveiled in America. The exhibition is scheduled to run at Pico House in Los Angeles from July 15-23.

See Iconic Bruce Lee Sculpture in Los Angeles

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