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Video – OnlyFans Model Daniella Hemsley Flashes Crowd During Post-fight Celebration At Kingpyn Boxing Event


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Speaking in a post-fight interview, Hemsley said she “wanted to express herself.” Needless to say, she accomplished her goal. Of course, not everyone wanted to enjoy the show she was putting on, including post-fight interviewer Wade Plem who practically ran across the ring in response to the northern exposure.Hemsley earned a unanimous decision over her opponent via scores of 48-47,48-47, and 49-46 from the ringside judges. This isn’t the first celebration of its kind. Last year, BKFC standout Tai Emery shocked fans at an event in Thailand when she jumped onto the ring ropes and exposed herself to the sea of onlookers. The spectacle reportedly increased traffic to Emery’s OnlyFans page by 6000%. Based on the reaction Daniella Hemsley is getting on social media for her own viral post-fight celebration, we can only assume she will also see a massive flood of new subscribers on OnlyFans.

Daniella Hemsley Delivers a Memorable Post-Fight Celebration

Hemsley stepped into the squared circle for the second time this year after suffering a unanimous decision loss in an exhibition boxing bout with Jully Oliveira in July. This time, Hemsley would come out on top, besting Aleksandra Daniel, also known as Ms. Danielka, in a five-round bout during the Kingpyn Boxing High Stakes Tournament which features influencers from around the world coming together and battling it out inside the boxing ring.

OnlyFans model Daniella Hemsley gave fans inside Dublin’s 3Arena more than they bargained for at Saturday’s Kingpyn Boxing event.

Elated by the victory, Hemsley delivered one of the more memorable post-fight celebrations in recent memory by lifting her top, exposing her breasts, and jumping around the ring for the world to see.

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