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Jake Paul Vows To KO Nate Diaz: ‘100% He’s Going To Sleep’ | MiddleEasy


Speaking to TMZ Sports, “The Problem Child,” opened up about redemption and how positive he is coming into the fight. According to Paul, his defeat only made him hungrier and he is out to prove that he is back in the fold by spoiling Diaz’s pro boxing debut with a knockout win.“I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself in the past to execute these at certain times, so me I’m just gonna go in there, have fun, box and dance around and it’ll come. If I’m doing that, if I’m having fun if I’m in my rhythm, that’s when the knockout comes versus like trying to force it,” he explained.

“The lion lost. I’ve retreated back into the jungle, I took notes of everything, I got better, I trained, and now this lion is going to come out and maul this dude. And he’s gonna have to pay, he’s gonna have to pay for all this hard work, all this sacrifice I’ve made in this camp and I promise I’m gonna be the first person to stop him on August 5th,” he continued. “100% he’s going to sleep.”
Initially, Paul vs. Diaz was set for an eight-round match and was later upgraded to 10 rounds. Paul admitted that if the fight reaches the later rounds, Diaz would have the advantage. Nevertheless, “The Problem Child” insists that it doesn’t matter at all.

When asked what round would he finish the former UFC star, Paul said he’s not thinking about it at this point. For “The Problem Child,” the most important thing is for him to get his mojo back and once he gets going, the knockout would eventually follow suit.

“Man, I have the biggest chip on my shoulder, the biggest chip on both shoulders. Coming back with a vengeance, refilled with that hunger that I had in the beginning of the sport to prove t o people what I was capable of,” Paul reflected.

On the other hand, Diaz seems to be working on his stamina and endurance. The UFC legend previously revealed that he was already scheduled to participate in two triathlon races ahead of his upcoming fight with Paul.Despite coming off the first loss of his boxing career, Jake Paul remains confident he could take out Nate Diaz in their much-awaited upcoming boxing match on August 5th.

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