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Kingpyn Boxing results: Daniella Hemsley flashes audience after win, shocks post-fight interviewer


Hemsley isn’t the first to celebrate a win this way. BKFC’s Tai Emery flashed the audience after a win this past September. Daniella Hemsley made a big impact on Saturday’s Kingpyn Boxing event during and after her hard fought victory in Dublin.Check out the video of Hemsley being announced the winner, and a photo of the (censored) celebration below. Not everyone was thrilled by the display. Post-fight interviewer Wade Plem nearly ran for cover after Hemsley bore all. Hemsley was announced the winner via unanimous decision, and after a quick celebration, she decided to flash the audience – and the camera. Hemsley showed vast improvement from her quarterfinal matchup where she was dominated by Jully Poca in April. Ms. Danielka continued to move forward with reckless abandon, while Hemsley picked her shots wisely, and used patience to land the cleaner punches throughout the bout to get the victory.The event, which features the semi-finals of Kingpyn’s influencer tournament, saw four of the losing competitors from the previous event battle it out in losers bracket matchups. Hemsley took on Ms. Danielka, and the two women swung it out from bell-to-bell, much to the delight of the 3Arena crowd.

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