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Tim Harrison, the BetZillion guru, Explains MMA Fighting Styles for KSW Betting | Speak MMA


When you think of MMA, we know UFC comes to your mind. But if you’re a true fan, you’d know how awesome Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki or KSW is. If UFC is the biggest MMA promotion, KSW is the 2nd. Fighting styles are one of the most crucial elements of success in MMA betting. You can’t expect to succeed in football betting without understanding different field positions. KSW is the 2nd largest MMA promotion globally and the largest in Europe. It draws millions of bettors from all over the world. 

Unlike UFC, KSW only has 8 weight classes. They start at Flyweight (125 lbs./57 kg) and go up to Heavyweight (265 lbs./120 kg)! The weight classes greatly impact how fighters train in different styles. Lightweight fighters are better suited for striking disciplines, while heavier fighters often use grappling/wrestling as their primary style. Unfortunately, you can’t expect to find success in KSW betting with surface-level knowledge. That’s where the fighting styles come into play. All martial arts styles can be categorized into 3 major disciplines. 

An Overview of Different Fighting Styles in MMA

By learning the different fighting styles and keeping track of the trends, you can get an edge over these bettors. And if you know sports betting, it all comes down to how you stack the odds for yourself. Data shows us that KSW fighters are known for using a variety of styles to get an edge over their opponents. The most commonly used styles are Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling. Of course, there are fighters well-versed in Judo, Karate, and Taekwondo. 

  1. Striking
  2. Grappling
  3. Wrestling

For example, a fighter primarily trained in BJJ doesn’t do well in striking. So, if they are paired against a boxer or a Muay Thai fighter, it’s a disadvantage. At the same time, striking disciplines don’t focus on joint locks or sweeps, as well as BJJ. By now, you know more about KSW betting than you did before reading this post. Betting expert Tim Harrison believes it’s time to spill the secret sauce to success.

  • Muay Thai: Also known as Thai Boxing, Muay Thai incorporates striking and clinching techniques. It’s known as the “art of eight limbs,” thanks to the masterful display by the fighters. It’s one of the most commonly used fighting styles in KSW. 
  • Boxing: If you know who Muhammad Ali was or have watched the Rocky series, Boxing needs no introduction. It is a striking discipline decorated with glorious footwork and jabs. 
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: A modified version of the traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. Popularly known as BJJ, this grappling sport is one of the most versatile fighting styles in KSW and MMA. 
  • Wrestling: Wrestling is often credited as the world’s oldest sport, a hand-to-hand takedown approach without striking. Of course, it belongs to the wrestling discipline. 

Analyzing Matchups and Predicting Outcomes

The best strategy here is research. You need to know how a fighter has performed against different opponents. If a BJJ master has an excellent track record against boxers, you can discard the handicap. Here is a quick overview of the most commonly used fighting styles in KSW fights. Everyone and their grandma know that MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. If we ask you to elaborate, you may reply that MMA is a fighting style where a fighter uses all martial arts. You would be partially right.The culture of cross-training started a few years after UFC 1. Nowadays, every KSW fighter has his/her primary discipline. But they’re all trained in all forms to tackle opponents from any discipline in the same weight class! But Pandora’s Box was opened on the night of UFC 1, a historical night in Denver, Colorado in November 1993. 

The Evolution of Fighting Styles in KSW

So, knowing your fighting styles and the fighters is critical to predicting somewhat accurate outcomes from KSW fights. If you trace back the history of MMA to the 1980s, you’ll find the origins of MMA in a Japanese dojo. Satoru “Tiger Mask” Sayama is credited as the inventor of MMA, an effective fight style derived from shoot wrestling. If you want to be successful in KSW betting, Tim says you must understand the fighting styles. He has already listed the top styles in KSW for you. Now, you must understand how to use this information to predict outcomes for upcoming fights. Compared to UFC, KSW is a relatively newer MMA promotion. It started its journey in 2004, giving it almost 20 years to mature. Of course, a lot has changed regarding fighting style during these years. KSW betting is a major entertainment activity in Poland and many other European countries. Speak MMA has invited an expert, Tim Harrison, to educate you on fighting styles. What’s even more amazing is that you can participate in KSW betting no matter where you are! Here at Speak MMA, we have Tim Harrison among us today. Tim is a betting expert with a long career with BetZillion. We believe you must know the fighting styles and betting tricks to unleash the true potential of betting on KSW! 

  • You must always analyze fight records and watch highlights before betting on a fighter.
  • You must understand the scoring system and method of victory to place accurate bets.
  • There is no alternative to staying current with the trends in MMA and KSW.
  • Read local and international media’s sports sections regularly to track recent developments.
  • Analyze training methods and camps, and watch as many interviews as possible to understand their mindset before a fight.


Of course, you won’t get the pairing right the first time. It often takes months, if not years to predict KSW fights accurately. Image by Pavel Danilyuk

Tim Harrison, the BetZillion guru, Explains MMA Fighting Styles for KSW Betting | Speak MMA

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