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Is There an Age Limit for UFC Events? (Quick Answer) – GroundedMMA


Going to a UFC event, children will experience:There isn’t an age limit for UFC events or any MMA events. Still, a small percentage of venues hosting a UFC event requires children younger than 16 to be accompanied by an adult, such as the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, one of the UFC’s most visited venues.

Is There a UFC Event Age Limit?

Are you wondering whether there’s a UFC event age limit?Having said that, all UFC events held in Germany have an age limit of 18+ to attend, an age restriction set by German law. Germany remains the only country in the world to have direct age limits on attending live UFC events.So, now you know there isn’t an age limit for UFC events (except in Germany) and some restrictions are imposed by the venue itself, it’s up to parents if they want to take their children to a live UFC event, or even allow them to go alone.Before a decision’s made, there are two things to consider.So, ‘is there an age limit for UFC events?’

If as a parent you believe your kid can handle these two, they should go to the UFC event and have the best time of their life. Luckily for young UFC fans, there have only been 6 UFC events in Germany in the promotion’s 30 years, and Germany is the only known case where an age limit for UFC events exists.The overwhelming majority of the crowd at UFC events are there to have a great time, and the few troublemakers are always taken care of by the large professional security teams all around each venue.You will usually get a faster answer by googling: the UFC venue, its location, and age limit. For example:

  • The graphic nature of UFC fights – there will be blood, knockouts, joints/bones potentially being broken/dislocated, and various injuries.
  • Drunk people – shouting and cursing may sometimes be heard, but it’s no different from any other live sporting event.

Most of the time though, the venues requiring under 16s to be accompanied by an adult won’t check for ID as long as the kid doesn’t look around 14 years old or younger.Lastly, if as an under 18 you’re attending a UFC event requiring you to be accompanied by an adult and you don’t have an adult to go with, you can always ask some adults in the queue to walk in with you. It’d be almost impossible to not find at least one adult willing to help and not see your ticket wasted.In this article, we’ll examine whether there’s an age limit for UFC events and the things a parent should consider before allowing their kids to go to a UFC event.

The Bottom Line

UFC events don’t have an age limit. Some venues hosting the UFC event require children under 16 to be accompanied by an adult aged 18+, but this is set by the venue and applies to any sport or event it’s hosting.However, UFC events in Germany have an age limit of 18+, first seen at UFC 99 at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany, in 2009. Germany has an 18+ age limit for UFC events because government officials perceive the sport to be violent and inappropriate for those under 18.With Germany in mind, if you’re a young UFC/MMA fan or a parent wanting to take your kids to a live UFC event, to stay on the safe side you can phone or email the venue hosting the event or the ticket seller and ask if they have an age limit.

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