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Aaron Canarte Readies For ONE Championship Debut On July 14


“I’ve always liked sports from a young age. I used to play soccer, and once I was 18, I stopped. I started training for fun. I saw an academy in Ecuador that taught Muay Thai, and I went in to start training. I liked the sport very much,” Canarte told ONE.

“I started training jiu-jitsu and implementing all the different martial arts in one. I liked it so much and felt that [MMA] was for me. It was basically my sport. I used to go to school and work, which didn’t give me time to train. I pushed everything aside to dedicate myself 100 percent to the sport.”“I’ve always had the support of my family, which is important for me. I can count on them to support me, even though my mom didn’t like the idea of me taking this sport on as a profession at first. My dad has always told me that he’s happy with what I decide to do with my life,” Canarte recalled.The 26-year-old is the first Ecuadorian to compete in ONE, and he is looking to carry the flag to the winner’s circle as he announces his presence to the featherweight elite.Filled with pride and the hopes of a nation, Canarte is looking to make noise in his promotional debut at ONE Fight Night 12.Aaron Canarte has had an electric start to his MMA career with an unblemished 10-0 professional record. He will bring that unbeaten record to the global stage when he debuts in ONE Championship on July 14 at ONE Fight Night 12.But before he squares off against Akbar Abdullaev in a featherweight bout, Canarte had time to reflect on his path to the world’s largest martial arts organization.Now on the doorstep of ONE’s global platform, “Tommy Gun” has been able to appreciate the hard work it has taken to get to this next level of his career.“I feel so happy that after all those years, I will be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor, and it’s an honor for me more than anything. I feel very happy being in ONE Championship, to be able to represent my country. And more than anything, to make everyone that has supported me from the beginning proud,” Canarte said.“I’m going to give it my all. I’m going to represent the flag in the best way possible, and to all my friends and family, keep an eye out for the fight on July 14. You can’t miss it. We’re going to give a great show and represent the flag in the best way possible,” Canarte said.To achieve greatness required sacrifice for the 26-year-old. In order to chase his dreams, he left his home in Ecuador to move to Mexico and Entram Gym.After deciding to put his eggs in the MMA basket, he found support from his parents. However, his mother still maintained the parental concerns about the inherent dangers combat sports would bring to her son.ONE Fight Night 12 airs live on Prime Video on Friday, July 14, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. The event is free for all Amazon Prime members in the U.S. and Canada

Aaron Canarte Readies For ONE Championship Debut On July 14

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