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Sean Strickland Wary For Brutal ‘Fistfight’ With MMA Manager Ali Abdelaziz: ‘I’m Always Down For A Good Time’


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UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland is never far away from controversy. In a recent interview with James Lynch, Strickland opened up about why he and Ali Abdelaziz might be in for a “fistfight” and why UFC flyweight Maycee Barber might despise him now. “She went on (Twitter) and she was talking about fans telling her she should go kill herself,” Strickland said. “And I was like ‘Welcome to life. What do you think, they’re just gonna say they wanna have sex with you and you’re pretty?’ That is the other side of the coin there Miss Maycee. As you’re loved, you’re also hated. So I think she got a little bit mad.”

Although this is pretty typical behavior for Sean Strickland at this point, it could be said that it’s entertaining that the UFC middleweight seems to always land himself in hot water when it concerns beef or drama. Undoubtedly, this will not be the last time we hear about Sean Strickland having beef with somebody or saying something “frowned upon” by modern society.

Sean Strickland opens up about the beef with Ali Abdelaziz and speaks on why Maycee Barber doesn’t like him

What do you think is the next fight for Sean Strickland?Abus Magomedov is one of the fighters Ali Abdelaziz manages. In Lynch’s interview with Strickland, the UFC star would speak about how Abdelaziz arranged the fight between him and Magomedov. “(Ali) watched me spar and then next thing you know it’s like ‘Hey, three weeks later we got this guy we want you to fight,’” Strickland began, speaking to James Lynch. “There’s a lot of f***ed up s*** you guys, I’m not gonna go into it. (The fight) felt like a little personal… There’s a chance that me and Ali are gonna be fist fighting…I’m really hoping that I see Ali, it’s like ‘Oh Sean you’re a white trash motherf***er I like you.’ Or, it could be like ‘Hey f*** you, Sean.’ Either way man, I hope it’s cool. But if not, I’m always down for a good time.”During the interview, Maycee Barber would walk by, and this prompted Sean Strickland to mention the drama surrounding them and why she may “not like him” now.

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Last seen at UFC Vegas 76, Sean Strickland impressed with his second-round finish of Abus Magomedov. Strickland took advantage of an evidently exhausted Magomedov to apply the pressure in the second round tremendously. Eventually, Strickland would catch Magomedov with huge shots that led to a flurry of brutal ground and pound to provoke the referee’s stoppage for the TKO victory.

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