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Ugo Legrand dares to dream big and makes comeback soon


Legrand is known for exciting technical abilities. He will now compete in the French national Championships and train in Paris. To qualify for Paris seems a big leap with Benjamin Gaba and Benjamin Axus in the driving seats in the weight category U73kg.I have set myself the goal of qualifying for the Olympic Games in Paris next summer.I am convinced that my return to high-level sport will be an opportunity to grow as an athlete, but also as an individual.I look forward to finding the tatami mats and sharing new highlights with you.”After this long break, I felt the irresistible call of adrenaline, competition and the pursuit of excellence.From now on, I am ready to come back to take up a major challenge, with renewed freshness and determination.The years of interruption have brought changes and evolutions in the world of judo, but I am ready to face them with determination.Let’s dream, dare and win together. ”I am aware that the path that awaits me will not be easy.It seems like it’s a trend to make a comeback after some years, after Lee Won-Hee recently at the Grand Slam in Ulaanbaatar, this time former European Champion Ugo Legrand announced his comeback. Ugo Legrand is Olympic bronze medallist at the 2012 Olympics in London. He won silver at the 2013 World Championships in Rio de Janeiro and bronze in 2011 in Paris. Legrand won the World Junior title in 2008 in Bangkok and three European Junior medals. He was 2012 European Champion in Chelyabinsk. He retired in 2015 but now seems to make his return after 8 years of absence. His last medal was at the 2014 European Championships where he took silver for his own crowd in Montpellier, the city where the European Championships will be held this year.Returning to high-level sport requires total commitment, sacrifice and hard work. However, I am ready to face these challenges with passion and perseverance. I know that I will have to train hard, push myself beyond my limits and show resilience in the face of failures and obstacles that will stand in my way.I am eager to regain the emotion of competitions, meet new opponents and push the boundaries of my physical and mental abilities.But I am ready to take up this challenge and give the best of myself.I hope you will be by my side to live this new sporting adventure. Your support, whether in the stands or through your messages of encouragement, is essential to me.These eight years have been filled with challenges, discoveries and personal growth. I explored new passions, developed new skills and took the time to recharge my batteries mentally and physically. This break allowed me to take a step back from high-level sport.Less than 400 days to be at the highest level and try to win a second Olympic medal.I am convinced that the experience I gained during my break will be precious to me in this new stage of my career.Thank you again for your continued support.“It is with immense joy that I announce exciting news that marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life: my return to the world of high-level sport after an eight-year interruption.The challenge is great and that’s all that excites me in this adventure!

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