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Italy is currently the strongest nation in Europe in Juniors


Giulia Carnà from Italy dominated the U52kg category, earning the gold medal with her exceptional technique and defeated Nikolina Nisavic from Serbia. Alessia Tortorici and Micaela Sciacovelli completed the three Italians on the podium.Savita Russo from Italy (just 18) celebrated her victory in the U63kg category as well on Saturday in Gradec, captivating the audience with her technical brilliance. Hanna Sedlmair from Germany finished second while Lenka Tomankova from Slovakia and Louna-Lumia Seikkula from Finland both shared the bronze medal.That wasn’t the end for Italy as on Sunday the lightweights impressed again. Giulia Ghiglione from Italy emerged victorious in the U48kg category in an all Italian final against Sofia Mazzola. While Giulia Giorgi also from Italy and Anastasiia Superson from Ukraine took bronze.In the men’s U60kg category, Ukraine started well on Saturday with a victory for Nazar Viskov from Ukraine who secured the gold medal, displaying remarkable technique and agility on the mat. Simone Aversa from Italy put up a strong fight to claim the silver medal. Viskov was the youngest winner of this weekend who just turned 18.In the U73kg division on Saturday saw Vincenzo Pelligra who emerged as the champion against Lasha Tsatsalashvili from Canada who took the silver medal.Polish heavyweight Grzegorz Teresinski from Poland dominating his opponents in O100kg category and was able to overcome Tomas Raska from the Czech Republic in the final. Another medal for Canada as John Jr. Messé A Bessong from Canada took bronze together with Mykola Hrybyk from Ukraine.On Saturday Poland won two gold medals by Aleksandra Kowalewska who claimed the gold medal in the U70kg category in the final against Tanja Gruenewald from Germany and the U78kg division witnessed an impressive performance by Aleksandra Turek from Poland after her final against Emma Krapu from Finland.There was gold for Serbia in the U90kg category where Milan Bulaja from Serbia demonstrated his judo in a strong pool where Vojin Mandic, also from Serbia, took silver.For the rest it was Italy to dominate with four titles on Saturday and three on the closing day on Sunday.20-year old David Dudy from the Czech Republic celebrated victory in the U100kg category against Gal Bertalanic Zizek from Slovenia in the final.Italy is the strongest team in Junior category in Europe with 20 medals in the EJU Junior Tour, followed by Poland (16) and France (13). At world level for the whole Junior World Tour also the USA is strong with 19 victories. It’s clearly that the top athletes of Italy still inspire the youth to grow. The small town of Gradec stepped up to the next level of organising a judo event. It’s familiair for organising Slovenian Youth Championships and the Koroska Open.Moving on to the U66kg category, Alessio De Luca from Italy stood atop the podium, showcasing his exceptional judo prowess and defeated Viljar Lipard from Estonia who took the silver medal.Another gold for Ukraine in the U81kg category with another outstanding performance by Igor Tsurkan from Ukraine, who secured the gold medal with his remarkable judo skills and not fo the first time. Im the final he bested Alessandro Bellini from Italy. Teo Yliruusi from Finland and Jumber Meladze from Canada both received the bronze medal.Italy was dominating the Judo Junior European Cup held in Gradec. 347 Young athletes from 31 countries gathered to compete for the prestigious titles in their respective weight categories. Italy captured 7 out of the 14 titles in Slovenia. Poland (3) and Ukraine (2) were surprisingly good this weekend in this U21 age category.Heavyweight Tiziana Marini from Italy triumphed in the O78kg category, displaying her strength and technique on her path to victory and claimed the seventh gold medal for Italy. Anastasiia Bogdanovic from Serbia took silver.In the U57kg category, Emma Stoppari from Italy showcased her judo mastery, clinching the gold medal after she defeated Stefania Solina, also from Italy who took silver.

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