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Brazil by far best performers in Pan American Open history


Cuban legend Idalys Ortiz last week won her O78 category, claiming actually her first ever gold medal at this level. Also Brazilian former world champion and Olympic Champion Rafaela Silva won her first Pan American Open title last week. Next week the Pan American Open will be held in Bahia, Brazil.The United States are the second best country when it comes to gold medals (54), followed by Ecuador (50) and Mexico (40). Mexico’s Edna Carillo took 25% of those gold medals on her own. She is one of the women who tops the list together with Vanessa Chala (ECU) won also won 10 titles. Rochele Nunes (BRA) and Alonso Wong of Peru won 8 Pan Am Open titles in their career. Vanessa Chala also holds the record of five events won in one season, in 2019 she captured five titles.Brazil is the best performing nation in the history of Pan American Open events. What you may not expected is that the Brazilian men have won more titles than the women. 55% of the gold medals, 76 titles were captured by the men, 63 of 139 titles by the women. Last weekend at the Pan American Open in Guayaquil added six more titles.The topscorer though is Ecuador’s Freddy Figueroa who won eleven titles since 2013, almost one each year and he divided the titles over eight different cities. He has been most successful in Santiago though with three titles.Three non Pan Americans are in the list with three victories: Marica Perisic (SRB), Jaione Equisoain (ESP) and Natalia Kuzyutina (RUS). Russia have used the Pan American Opens in the past to get in shape and feel some other opponents as preparation tournaments. The Russian Federation is the first non pan American country in the list with 26 victories, followed by Great Britain with 16 victories and France with 15.

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