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Top 10 Best Taekwondo Fighters in UFC History, Ranked


In this article, we bring you the 10 greatest Taekwondo UFC fighters in history. The fighters listed below not only have a strong background in taekwondo, but they have also effectively used taekwondo moves in the cage.Rank: 3rd-degree black belt

10. Chris Barnett

Rank: 2nd-degree black beltRank: 2nd-degree black beltShevchenko spent her childhood training in many martial arts, including TKD, in which she enrolled at the age of 5. Her talent, dedication, and skills led her to win multiple World and European championships. But to say that her TKD skills transitioned well into MMA would be an understatement. Inside the cage, she shines with incredible kicking technique, timing, stance switch, power, and prominent finishing instincts. Though she has other skills as well, her TKD defines her style.Rank: black beltGrowing up in a tough Milwaukee, WI, neighborhood, she witnessed violence from a young age while dealing with her father’s schizophrenia. During this time, Namajunas often got into fights, earning her the nickname “Thug Rose.”Rank: 2nd-degree black belt and Master of Sports

1. Anderson Silva

Pettis got enrolled in TKD at age five, and by the age of 18, he was already a 3rd degree black belt. At 19, he began his MMA training at Roufusport MMA Academy, eventually becoming a MMA/UFC fighter. He quickly became famous while fighting in the WEC promotion with the famous “showtime kick” he landed against Benson Henderson at WEC 53, which remains one of the most iconic moments in MMA history.Rank: Black beltWith exceptional striking skills and brutal knockouts, he quickly climbed the UFC rankings all the way to the top. Over the years, he added a strong grappling defense, enabling him to keep the fight standing and demolish his opponents with laser-perfect striking.Anthony Pettis is a former UFC lightweight champion with a strong TKD background. Apart from being a champion, Pettis is among MMA’s most exciting fighters and best strikers. Most fans primarily know him for his incredible kicking skills, which come from TKD.

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