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7 Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring + Sizing & Safety Tips


4.8The padding is dense and multi-layered that is designed to absorb a lot of impact.It’s going to be more structured in the wrist and stable, rather than slightly bendable like the BGV1, which might be better for you if keeping your wrists safe is important.

07/03/2023 06:26 am GMT

Ringside Apex Flash Training Gloves
07/03/2023 06:26 am GMT

Ringside Apex Flash Training Gloves
Ringside Apex Flash Training GlovesExtraordinary wrap-less gloves designed to provide the best wrist, carpal, and metacarpal bone protection on the market.

The main downfall with this glove is that it’s another option best suited for kickboxers and Thai boxers.Check out our full review.

  • 2.25″ IMF padding for shock absorption
  • Durable synthetic leather shell
  • Full wrap-around hook & loop closure
  • Decent wrist support for cost
  • Mesh palm to keep hands cool
  • Available in sizes 14 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz
  • Good for fighters with big hands
  • Suitable for mixture of martial arts

  • Can cause discomfort on fingers
  • Stitching frays quite quickly
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Protection:07/02/2023 12:45 pm GMT

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Here’s my top 3 picks that’ll suit any budget:Well-PaddedI still don’t recommend you do that because you’ll wear down your gloves on the heavy bag (most commonly) and end up with frayed skin over the knuckles, which can cut or scrape your opponent’s skin more often.4.5And having some flexibility in the wrist is desired for many fighters for mixed martial arts, anyway.Close runner-ups are the Ringside Apex Flash, as it’s an excellent budget option for a second pair, and the Hayabusa T3 because of the stellar wrist support, and it’s one of my favorite gloves on the market.Since sparring usually requires a glove size of 16 oz or more, it likely means you will need two different-sized gloves, depending on your own body weight.And keep scrolling to check out more detail for each glove option.The downsides are that these can feel a bit stiff and tight at first, as the size runs a bit smaller, so it likely isn’t any good for big-handed fighters.

Considerations for sparring gloves

So the glove is a good option for absorbing impact for your opponent’s safety in sparring and for absorbing shock if used on a heavy bag.Pros:

Choosing the right size for sparring

4.8My top choice for the boxing glove for sparring is the Fairtex BGV1 because it offers dense sponge-like padding over the knuckles that protect your hands and your opponent. Plus, it’s excellent value considering the price and durability of Fairtex products.With the price being so affordable, you could definitely consider owning a second pair like these just for sparring.We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.I love the BGV1 glove for sparring because Fairtex is a brand that produces very reliable gloves that last a long time.

Wearing boxing gloves and displaying a philly shell guard in the gym
Keeping your guard up and hands tight to your head softens blows

And with more size and weight in a glove, it usually means more padding added to the knuckles.Feel the durability of premium leather and the assurance of multi-layer foam protection.

Boxing glove sizing chart for sparring

The first key thing to know is that most reputable gyms will have a requirement to wear a minimum of 16 oz gloves for any kind of sparring.

Bodyweight Glove Size Glove Size (Sparring)
110-140 lbs 8-12 oz 16 oz
140-165 lbs 10-12 oz 16 oz
165-190 lbs 10-14 oz 16 oz
190-215 lbs 12-14 oz 16 oz
215-240 lbs 12-16 oz 16 oz
240-270 lbs 14-16 oz 18 oz
270 lbs + 16-24 oz 18-24 oz

When you make contact with your opponent, more padding helps spread the impact and reduces superficial cuts, bruises, and swelling.As they are so pricey, I’d take extra care to keep them clean by wiping them down and allowing them to air dry after every use — the materials will maintain much better.4.7BGV6 has an ideal fist closure, minimizing tension and maximizing your performance.While 16 oz gloves are ideal for sparring, gloves you train in to develop technical skills, like on pads with a coach, might be better in a smaller size.

Owning more than one pair of gloves

4.9In no particular order, these are my picks of gloves that are suitable for regular sparring.The point of extra padding in gloves for sparring is to protect your sparring partner.Fairtex is a brand that specializes in Muay Thai products, so their gloves often have a bit of bend at the wrist to make them suitable for grabbing body parts.BudgetSo if you weigh between 110-215 lbs, you likely want a glove size between 8-14 oz to use for other training like on the heavy bag or on pad/mitts work.I’d recommend this glove over most other options for any fighter that is heavy or particularly big.

Final word on sparring gloves

If you’re trying to pick out a pair of gloves specifically for sparring, there are a few key things to know to make the right choice.Wrist SupportYou’ll also get a solid level of support around the wrist as the hook and loop velcro lock in tightly.But, considering sparring sessions are usually only a few minutes per round, this should still make them a decent option as a second glove.

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