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Georgia reclaims European mixed team title


The team of Georgian judo team reclaimed the European mixed team title at the recent European Games in Poland. At the European Games, the team of Georgia defeated Germany in the final. Title holders France, were knocked out of the running for the gold medal, but in the contest for bronze, the number three seed, Netherlands, were not impressed and captured the bronze medal in their battle with the French team, which was the European Championships final of last year in Mulhouse.Eteri Liparteliani continued Georgia’s winning streak by defeating Seija Ballhaus in the U57kg category, swiftly granting her team a 2-0 lead. Lasha Shavdatuashvili further bolstered their position with a tactical countermove against Jano Ruebo, acknowledging his opponent’s valiant effort. Although Miriam Butkereit of Germany managed to narrow the gap by triumphing over Eter Askilashvili in the U70kg category, Georgia maintained their advantage heading into the final showdown. Butkereit was also essential for the team in the semi final when she defeated Sanne van Dijke.2021 GeorgiaThis was the fourth and final deciding win for the team of Georgia who once again have become the European Mixed Team Champions, earning double the metal with the European Games success.Mixed team winners:Bekauri: “The win for me was great, it is the first time my team have won the European Games, we did everything to win here, everything for our team, coaches, country. It was close in the final, but you know, I’m a warrior. I think I can do everything, I think I can always win and everyone else knows this too!”Georgia’s triumph in the European mixed team judo championship exemplifies the country’s commitment to excellence in sports. Through skill, determination, and a united team effort, they defeated formidable opponents to reclaim the title. This victory not only brings joy to the athletes and their supporters but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring judokas and a source of national pride. Georgia’s success on the European stage solidifies their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the world of judo.2018 GermanyFor the Georgian team, this triumph holds tremendous significance. It marks their first-ever European Games victory, a testament to their dedication, teamwork, and the unwavering support of their coaches and nation. Bekauri expressed his elation at being the one to secure the final win, emphasizing the team’s relentless pursuit of victory and their belief in their abilities. This remarkable achievement not only brings honor to the athletes but also inspires the entire country, solidifying Georgia’s presence in the international judo community.2022 FranceIn the contest for bronze, the Netherlands avenged their defeat from the previous year’s final against France. Despite Sarah Leonie Cysique’s victory for the French team, the Dutch athletes dominated the matches, ultimately securing a 4-1 win and claiming the bronze medal. Meanwhile, Italy showcased their strength against Portugal, emerging victorious with a resounding 4-0 win to secure the second bronze medal. This time the heavyweight was Christian Parlati who set the Italian on fire with a first victory and the rest of the team followed up well and captured the bronze. Last year in Mulhouse, the Italian team took a fifth place.2019 RussiaWith the title within reach, Olympic champion Lasha Bekauri stepped onto the mat, determined to secure the decisive win. Demonstrating his expertise, Bekauri executed a skillful combination of techniques, including a deceptive forward attack followed by a swift switch, resulting in a waza-ari score against Martin Matijass. Despite Matijass’s relentless pursuit in ground fighting, Bekauri held his ground, ultimately clinching the gold medal and sealing Georgia’s victory as European mixed team champions.2023 GeorgiaFacing off against Germany in the final, Georgia’s judo team demonstrated their strength and resilience. The team’s campaign commenced with Guram Tushishvili’s victory over Erik Abramov, setting the tone for their quest for the title. Although Tushishvili suffered a defeat in the semifinals against Italy’s Gennaro Pirelli, his teammates rallied together, resulting in a tied score of 3-3. Tushishvili’s subsequent triumph over Pirelli, who had to withdraw due to injury, secured Georgia’s place in the final.

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