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Topuria Outclasses Emmett at UFC on ABC 5


Emmett somehow lasted to the bell and, though the doctor considered stopping it between rounds, he came out winging punches to start the fifth. But Topuria managed to take him down and thoroughly control him on the ground for the last part of the round. While Emmett showed tremendous heart throughout, the decision was as lopsided as they get with one judge scoring the five round contest 50-42 for Topuria.

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Featherweight Ilia Topuria continued his undefeated run in the UFC beating up on veteran Josh Emmett for five rounds to capture a lopsided unanimous decision win at UFC on ABC 5 Saturday from Jacksonville, Fla.The first round seemed close with both men landing combinations but from there it looked like all Topuria. He mixed sharp boxing and vicious calf kicks that Emmett had no answer for. By the fourth round, Emmett’s face was battered and he was buckling on a shaky left leg every time it absorbed a low kick. Topuria dropped him with a hook and pounced on him, only to have the super tough Emmett work back to his feet where he went down again from another combination of punches. Topuria mounted him and rained punches down to end the round.

Topuria Outclasses Emmett at UFC on ABC 5

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