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Senior Judo Camp in Cetniewo is the training event of 2023


Senior Judo Camp remains a place where every competitor has a chance to feel equal – the coaching and training staff there tries to ensure that each participant fully implements the planned training plan. What’s more, it’s a place where the #judofamily meets to shape the sports fighting spirit in the best possible way while integrating and having fun.Camp organised by the Polish club PGE Akademia Judo Poznań has been an event that brings together judoka from around the world for 6 years. We invite those who want to develop themselves by gaining knowledge and skills from the best. Join the Training Camp this year in Cetniewo!It is an opportunity for seniors worldwide, i.e., the most representative representatives of our sport, to train on one mat for seven days!For six years, we had the honour to host such judo masters as Travis Stevens, Yarden Gerbi, Jimmy Pedro, Fabio Basile, Roman Gontiuk, Ole Bischof, Lukas Krpalek, Miguel Ogando Lopes and Hannah Martin Ogando, Flavio Canto, Aneta Szczepańska, Paweł Nastula, Janusz Pawłowski, Marian Tałaj and Antoni Zajkowski. Thanks to the extensive training offered and a wide range of techniques presented by the judo stars visiting us, we dare to call this meeting the Great Judo Celebration.Senior Judo Camp is 7 days (21-28.08.2023) in the seaside Cetniewo, training and randori in the modern hall of the Center for Olympic Preparations COS Władysławowo/Cetniewo, a meeting with Judo Stars and, above all, a unique atmosphere!Don’t be afraid if you think your skills are insufficient for tatami in Cetniewo. Our goal is mutual development, learning from everyone with whom we will have the honour to stand on the mat – and you will gain a lot!Find out more today and click here to know more.A holiday adventure is waiting for you; it can be the beginning of something extraordinary!This year, the guest of the event will be Richard Trautmann – a German judoka, Olympic bronze medalist in 1992 in Barcelona and 1996 in Atlanta. He won the world bronze in 1993 in Hamilton. He became the European team champion with Germany in 1994 and 1995 and won silver twice. In 1991, he won the World Masters Championship. He later became a successful talent coach and was named head coach of the German seniors in 2016. Currently, he is developing the skills of the Azerbaijan national team players; he may also develop yours…? Giorgio Vismara as the coach of our club will participate in this event, to which he warmly invites you.Cetniewo is the capital of Polish #judo, so visit where this sport was developed as part of local and international camps and training – come back to Cetniewo with us!

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