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What Canadians Should Expect In The 2023 Pan-American Oceania Championship


Cuba is the second most successful country after Brazil in the competition. But time changes and now the men’s team is strong whereas the women set the pace historically for Cuba. It is, therefore, significant to pay attention to them in the 2023 edition. With 184 golds and a total medal count of 391, the team will ensure to put up a tough fight to maintain their rank on the table. If you are eager to see great performances at the event, you should pay attention to them especially to men’s U90kg and +100kg.The Pan-American Oceania Judo Championship is a competition every fan will be eager to watch. With Canada hosting this year’s edition in Calgary, Canadians are now building high hopes. An overview of their previous performance shows the team will have a remarkable experience throughout the events.Shady El-Nahas, who came 5th in the Tokyo 2020 100 kg category, made a remarkable finish in the Pan-American Oceania 2022 edition by winning the gold medal for Canada. It was obviously a flawless win over the Brazilian counterpart, Rafael Buzacarini. Likewise, Etienne Briand and Francois Gauthier-Drapeau won a bronze medal in the 81 kg category. Overall, it was a great outing for the Canadian team, with six titles in the competition. Cuba’s Andy Granda already showed his potential taking gold +100kg and became World Champion later that year.

Overview Of Canadian Performance In Past Pan-American Oceania Competitions

Canada, which will be hosting the competition, is a jurisdiction where gambling is legal. You are permitted to make money out of your passion, and the Pan-American Oceania Championship is another opportunity. However, you are expected to gamble responsibly and legally. The next heading gives you a clue about strong contenders you can pay attention to while you prepare to place your bets.Different countries took turns hosting the event every year based on the decision of the Pan-American Judo Confederation. In 2015, Canada hosted the event in Edmonton, the first time they would do it. Interestingly, they will serve as hosts again for the 2023 edition, and Calgary has been chosen as a viable venue. As a result, expectations are high for Canadians, especially judo fans, and this article reviews some significant concerns.The United States, a close rival of Canada, is another team to watch out for in September but they have no one in the top 10 of the world anymore. Best ranked women are U48kg and U52kg being in the top 20 of the world.It is also important to pay close attention to Australia in the 2023 Pan-American Oceania Judo Championship. This is because the country will seek to serve as a strong contender for the Oceania region. Achieving remarkable success in the new edition will serve as a strong signal to counterparts in the North American region. Katharina Haecker (WRL-4) and Aiofe Coughlan (WRL-11) are in good shape and ready to shine in Canada for a podium place. The table further revealed that Canada has 69 gold medals, 90 silvers, and 143 bronzes, totaling 302 medals. It is important to note that the US has more cumulative medals than Canada; however, and just two more gold medals  but more bronze medallists than the Canadians. Brazil retains the title of the overall best country with an amazing collection of 193 golds, 156 silvers, 173 bronzes, and a total of 519 medals at senior level.

Is There A Betting Opportunity During The Competition?

As the day draws closer, it is important to identify countries serving as the top contenders to watch out for. There is no doubt that the competition is tough, judging by the kind of countries participating. As a result, it is critical to speculate on how certain countries are expected to perform. They are as follows:The Pan-American Oceania Championship is a continental competition organised by the Pan-American Judo Confederation. Although the Judo Union started a similar event far back in 1952, PANAM/OCEANIA officially started in 2009. It features the participation of major countries such as Canada, America, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and a lot more.

Strong Contenders To Watch Out For In Calgary

Focusing on the 2022 edition held in Lima, Peru, it is safe to say that the Canadian team pulled off an exceptional performance. Just on day one of the competition, the country acquired three medals. Kelly Deguchi, competing in the 52 kg category, and Antoine Bouchard, in the 73 kg category, won a bronze medal. Then Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard won the silver title in her area as well.Betting and gambling on your favorite team is also allowed during the event. Once the fighting draw is available, there will be odds you can stake on to win real money. If you are already familiar with online casinos Canada platforms offering the best titles, bonuses, and fast withdrawals, you should also find it easy to bet on Judo. Interestingly, it is now easier since you can do it online. Not only bookmakers offer this option, but some online casinos as well, like 22Bet, Betway and Casino Red.Canada is excited to organise the Pan American Judo Championships from 14-17 September in Calgary with for sure a world class team of the host nation.

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The Brazilian team is known to have always been a tough contender in every edition of the Pan-American and Oceania Judo Championships. With the highest number of golds and cumulative titles, we have no doubt this year’s edition won’t be anything different from what it used to be. Brazil representatives are worth considering if there is an opportunity to place a bet. Women have always been world class, but men’s U73kg and U81kg are in the top 10 of the world as well.There are high hopes for the Canadian teams, even as they serve as the hosts of the event. Depending on who will compete, the Canadians are the top of the world in U57kg and U63kg for women. Judging by their performances in the previous edition, they expect to break all barriers and become the most celebrated team in the competition. There is yet to be an official list of representatives for each category, but the country has capable men and women who have demonstrated excellence in Judo.While there are high hopes regarding the upcoming championship slated to take place in September, we should also review Canada’s past performances. The truth about the competition is that it is always tough, as it maintains Olympic standards and requirements. Every participating country is expected to field its best, which is the reason for the competitiveness.

Closing Remarks

Over the years, Canada has had an impressive performance in the competition. The medal tables of the old and modern editions revealed that they belong to the top 3 bests group. Canada ranks fourth after Brazil and Cuba, taking first and second positions, respectively. The United States of America comes third but just 2 gold medals away from the talented Canadian team. Venezuela, and Argentina come behind these judo nations. Look over the last ten years, Brazil, Cuba and Canada lead the medal tally, Ecuador is an upcoming country as well as Colombia. 

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