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Vitaly Laletin: Arm Wrestling Champion


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One of the biggest matches in Vitaly’s career occurred at Zloity Tur 2016. Taking a leap into the elite class as he faced multi-time champion Andrey Pushkar in the finals.By round 5, Vitaly showed that he had better conditioning than his opponent. But the veteran Chaffee would bounce back in the sixth round to tie it up in a long battle. Tying up the match and forcing a 7th round.

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Vitaly Laletin’s Early Career 

He was a skinny yet incredibly tall athlete that knew how to control the grip and hit his top roll. Laletin would make his international debut in 2011 at the European championship.This would be a rare match where Laletin would come out on the losing end. The strength of the Georgian Hulk was too much for the Russian champion.But arm wrestling experts saw that Laletin had immense potential to grow into a high-level arm wrestler. He would start getting recognized for his potential at the beginning of his career in 2010 and 2011.Here’s a breakdown of the career of The Siberian Giant Vitaly. Detailing the highlights of his career, along with going over his style and unique training. Giving fans the chance to feel his power and meet the champion athlete. Laletin would have fun at the event and give the fans a memorable experience.

He would win the first rounds and then lose the second round to go to a third and deciding round. Vitaly and his opponent were exhausted from their match, and neither was willing to give in.

Vitaly Laletin vs. Andrey Pushkar: Zloty Tur 2016

But Vitaly was able to gain top control and finally take his opponent over.At only 22, he showed the technical skill of a veteran but still lacked the experience. Through his ups and downs and continuing his training, Vitaly would build both more muscle and skill.

AMC 2023

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Vitaly has had some tough rivalries over his decade in the sport of arm wrestling. Here’s a breakdown of some of Laletin’s rivalries and the most notable matches between these opponents.After eight years of working his way up the ranks, Laletin would fill out. Gaining 50 kgs and becoming the Russian Giant that he’s known as today.During the first of six rounds, the referee would have to bring in the strap was brought in after a false start. Chaffee would win the first round by starting strong and hitting the top roll on Laletin.For a period of time, Vitaly was the Guinness world record holder for the world’s strongest grip. He clocked in a force of 159.3 kg on an official measuring device. His record stood until World’s Strongest Man champion, Brian Shaw, broke his record with a 162.4 kg grip.

Vitaly Laletin

Laletin Pins 110 Arm Wrestlers

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Vitaly Laletin has been one of the top arm wrestlers in the world for the last decade. He shows no sign of slowing down and could be entering the prime of his career. We’ll definitely see Laletin continue facing the top arm wrestlers in the world and competing for championships.Vitaly Laletin has been one of the world’s best arm wrestlers for the last decade. Winning numerous championships and beating the best in the sport of arm wrestling.

Vitaly Laletin’s Rivalries Laletin 

The only real weakness in Vitaly’s game is when he goes against incredibly strong opponents that bull rush. This includes the Georgian Hulk Levan Saginashvili, that used this approach against Laletin.

Dave Chaffee

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In 2019, Laleting went against arm wrestling champion Dave Chaffee for the first time at King of the Table. Their match would become one of the most exciting matches of the year.Being able to control the pad and force his opponent to lose the grip, fight, and hand positioning battle. He is also a master of elbow positioning and often likes to pull his opponent off-base as he attacks their hand.Arm wrestling legend Denis Cyplenkov was in attendance and was intently watching this match. Vitaly Laletin is considered to have the best top-roll technique of any active arm wrestler.  His incredible grip strength, mixed with his height advantage, makes his top-roll quite effective.The veteran would find some extra strength and pin the Russian champion in one of the best arm wrestling matches ever.

Levan Saginashvili

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Vitaly Laletin began his early twenties as he began lifting and working with top Russian coaches. At first, Vitaly only weighed in at 80 kgs and was a bit small to compete in the super heavyweight division.Laletin has one of the most intense and unique training regiments of any elite arm wrestler. Much of his training is focused on grip training and coordination, along with his technical training.Pushkar came into the match undefeated and would remain undefeated. Beating Vitaly in the finals after a solid performance by the young Russian.

Vitaly Laletin: Guinness Record Holder 

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Vitaly enjoys the job and likes that it gives him the time that he needs to train for big events.

Vitaly Laletin’s Style 

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Dave would also win the second round but gassed himself out, which gave Vitaly an opening—easily pinning Chaffee in the third and fourth rounds after controlling the gripping and hand positioning.At a recent arm wrestling expo in Russia, Vitaly would take part in the event. He would take on 110-arm wrestlers in 30 minutes.

Vitaly Laletin’s Training

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Being the former record holder for grip strength, Laletin can bend grippers and metal pipes. He can also reverse curl a 10 kg sledgehammer to his nose and fully extend it out.

Vitaly Laletin

Vitaly recently had one of the best performances of his career just this year. He competed at the AMC Championship to face the toughest competitors from Europe to Russia.

Vitaly Laletin

Vitaly Laletin’s Personal Life

When Vitaly isn’t competing in the world’s biggest arm wrestling events, he returns to his normal life. He has been working as a truck driver for years, which has supported his family and arm wrestling training.Levan Saginashvili is probably the toughest opponent that Vitaly has faced in his career. The most high-profile match the two had was the opening round of the 2019 Top 8 Tournament.

What’s Next For Vitaly Laletin?

In the early rounds, Laletin would blow throw the competition. Once he got to the finals, he would be in for a battle.

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