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Daniel Cormier Reveals Bloody Shirt After Maycee Barber Interview At UFC Jacksonville: ‘Got Me’


The bloodshed and carnage were real when Barber and Ribas collided in the cage, and none other than Daniel Cormier was there to conduct the post-fight interview after the action ended.

Watch the full post-fight interview between Daniel Cormier and Maycee Barber below:Beloved UFC legend Daniel Cormier was working as a broadcaster during the UFC Jacksonville fights and was left with a bit of a bloody shirt after a post-fight interview with Maycee Barber.

Daniel Cormier interviews Maycee Barber after the Amanda Ribas fight and is left with a bloody shirt

[embedded content]Which fighter do you think that ‘The Future’ Maycee Barber should face next inside the UFC?
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Barber was practically dripping blood, some of which was her own, and some of it belonged to Ribas. Before the interview, Barber must have cleaned up off camera, but, as she went to talk to DC: still had a bloody towel in her hand which she continued to wipe blood onto. As the two drew closer together, the bloody towel in her hand must have made contact with DC’s shirt and transmitted the blood.

The Barber and Amanda Ribas fight was a fiery barnburner. Both women seemed to be firing on all cylinders, and the bout soon developed into an exciting brawl. While both fighters had their fair share of moments, Maycee Barber was definitely looking to be in the lead. Both fighters were hurt on different occasions, but, ultimately Barber found the opportunity in the second round to end things with a ferocious swarm of brutal ground and pound shots.

The interview itself was not very noteworthy otherwise, but, the fight itself was tremendous. ‘The Future’ did indeed get her performance bonus, and Barber proved that she is indeed on a fast track to the top of the women’s division.

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