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Denis Cyplenkov – Strongest Arm Wrestler That Has Ever Lived


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Using his brute force to dominate his opponents. In just a few years after beginning his career, Denis would win the Russian arm wrestling title.He made his first statement in 2008 against multi-time champion Andrey Pushkar. Dominating the Ukrainian 6-0 left-handed to make a statement to the arm wrestling world.

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The Early Life of Denis Cyplenkov

The first thing that you notice about Cyplenkov is his ridiculously large hands. He has one of the largest hands in the world that measures in at 9.5 inches (24 cm).Cyplenkov hopes to make a comeback in the next year, but says it all depends if his health improves. But he has stated that he only has 50% of his strength and currently can’t do his intense arm wrestling conditioning.As a professional weight lifter, Cyplenkov would hold two world records during his career. One for the strict curl and another record in the standing barbell curl.

Denis Cyplenkov’s Powerlifting and Strongman Career 

Cyplenkov had the genetic gifts of size and strength, but he was missing the technical aspects of top arm wrestlers. To learn the technical aspects of arm wrestling, he would begin training under famed arm wrestling coach Kote Razmadze.From almost the moment Cyplenkov began competing in arm wrestling, he would find success. He would begin by winning numerous regional competitions throughout Ukraine and Russia.His record for the strict curl stood at 250 lbs(113 kg), which broke the record previously held by CT Fletcher. Denis broke this record in 2015 and would hold it until 2021, when it was broken by Leroy Walker.

  • Squat: 750 lbs(340 kg)
  • Bench: 640 lbs(290 kg)
  • Deadlift: 705 lbs(320 kg)

These massive hands and strength gave him an incredible advantage in the sport of arm wrestling. Not to mention his 24 inch biceps(62 cm) and 18 inch (48 cm) forearms.Here is a quick rundown of the career of arm wrestling’s strongest athlete in Denis Cyplenkov. Detailing his arm wrestling career, as well as his strongman career, and recent health problems. This second loss to Brzenk would motivate Cyplenkov to become one of the world’s best arm wrestlers. He would then go on a tear beating some of the world’s best arm wrestlers.

Denis Cyplenkov’s Lifting World Records

While Denis competed in powerlifting, he was also one of the top strongmen in all of Russia. He would get into strongman competitions right when it was introduced into Russia and became popular.Needless to say that Denis’ superior strength and large hands gave him an advantage in the sport of arm wrestling. His brute strength and hand strength made him a dominant competitor.In recent years, Denis has been dealing with a number of health issues. He said that his years of intense training have begun to take a toll on his body. 

Denis Cyplenkov’s Arm Wrestling Career

Kote Razmadze is considered one of the best arm wrestling coaches in the history of the sport. Before Cyplenkov, he trained the legendary Alex Voyevoda and transformed Alex into one of the best ever.

Cyplenkov’s Early Competition

During his teen years, he would begin his training and become inhumanly strong.Denis likes to do his specific training during his training camps for competitions. The Russian Mutant likes to have 3 month camps, where he can specifically focus on an event. Denis is known for his brute force, but he also learned the technical aspects of arm wrestling. Blending his brute force and dominating hand/forearm control to win a decades worth of arm wrestling titles.He would participate in various regional meets throughout Ukraine and Russia. Even setting world records along the way.

Cyplenkov Begins Training Under Kote Razmadze

One of the most impressive parts of Cyplenkov’s career is his dominance over Devon Larratt. At a highly publicized Vendetta All Stars Arm Wrestling event.As a kid, Denis was alway noticeably strong with great genetics. These gifts would motivate Cyplenkov to pursue a career in strength sports.

Denis Cyplenkov’s Reign of Dominance

Denis would make it to the finals, but would find out that he couldn’t just win on strength alone. The arm wrestling legend John Brzenk would dominate the Russian Mutant in their first meeting. Sweeping the Russian in their first series to win another title.His career highs in the main lifts include:Denis would become a member of the Russian National Strength Team. As part of the Russian national team, Cyplenkov believes this was when really came into his own as a strength athlete.Denis Cyplenov is arguably the strongest arm wrestler that has ever lived. He was a champion in the sport of arm wrestling for decades and was also a strongman competitor. These health scares have taken a toll on the Russian strongman’s body. His competition weight was around 300 lbs, but now he’s less than 270 lbs after his health scares.When Cyplenkov made his international debut all eyes were on him. He would again use his superior strength to beat the competition. Before Denis got into arm wrestling, he was quite accomplished in the world of powerlifting and strongman. The first strength sport that Cyplenkov would get into was powerlifting.He would have these operations before the 2020 pandemic, but would also catch the virus multiple times. Cyplenkov would recover from Covid, but it would further diminish his health.

Denis Cyplenkov’s Arm Wrestling Training

Denis dabbled in the sport of arm wrestling at fourteen, but wouldn’t fully commit to the sport until years later. After achieving accomplishments in strongman and powerlifting, Cyplenkov would set his focus on arm wrestling.The Russian Mutant would shock the audience as he manhandled Larratt to win 6 straight matches. After the matches, Larratt stated “in arm wrestling, you have everyone else… and then you have Denis.”During this streak Denis would beat legends like Andrey Pushkar, Richard Lupkes, and avenge his two losses to John Brzenk.

The Russian Mutant Denis Cyplenkov’s Style and Genetics 

Specifically doing grueling kettlebell training under master trainer Yakimenko.  While competing in strongman, would be featured on numerous televised events and win or medal in many of those events.Denis Cyplenkov was born in the Ukraine, but he always identified as a Russian citizen. Throughout his career in athletics, Cyplenkov would always represent Russia. Denis has ruptured blood vessels near his kidney that required stints. Due to this ailment, Cyplenkov caused him to get neuritis, which paralyzed half of his face.After this event, Cyplenkov competed in the 2008 and 2009 Nemiroff World Cup. One of the most prestigious tournaments in all of arm wrestling. 

Denis Cyplenkov’s Health Issues

Cyplenkov’s other record for the standing barbell curl still stands at 375 lbs(170 kg).Even if we never see Denis Cyplenkov compete in the sport of arm wrestling again, he’s already considered a legend. The Russian Mutant is one of the most all-time winning Russian arm wrestlers in history and an accomplished strongman.He also blends the technical and specific training with what he learned under Kot Razmadze. Doing a lot of cable weight workouts to mimic the movement of an arm wrestling match. Also numerous exercises focusing on his biceps, which Denis feels is the base of his power. Cyplenkov would dominate in the left-handed divisions and only lost to John Brzenk in a right-handed match.Arm wrestling fans would love to see Cyplenkov return to form and continue winning. But if his career ends, he’ll still be considered one of the best arm wrestlers to ever live. 

The Legacy of Denis Cyplenkov

After training with Razmadze, Cyplenkov would become one of the best arm wrestlers in the world. He would have an impressive reign as one of the top arm wrestlers from 2008 to 2014.Denis strictly follows the system that he was taught while he trained with the Russian national team. Using a lot of kettlebells and compound movements to build and keep his strength.

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