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Sticks and Stones


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A long time ago, but not as long ago as the Stone Age (some two and a half million years ago), Martial Arts was known as The Arts of Mars, derived from Latin and referring to the Roman God of War. It referenced a system of combat, where the word ART was used to describe a method of moves vs. the art of movement we modern-day humans practice today. So I ask you to join me as a fellow martial artist and human in looking back to the roots of what our actual ancient ancestors built and taught us. We may find a path towards a new frontier by understanding the origins of Martial Arts and how to live the way of a peaceful warrior. As in the development of Kata’s, Hyungs, or Forms, there are essential stages of human evolution as they relate to how we practice martial arts today. It’s a stretch for our forward-thinking brains to reflect on concepts like “millions of years ago.” But, we have the keen ability as modern-day sapiens to be able to reflect and self-reflect, and so we must for the sake of our species and all others.From Your Site ArticlesForty thousand or so years of us is a concise time frame in evolution, especially when we think of Martial Arts as ancient. In fact, I often use the term “ancient” when I describe the roots of stances and strikes within JungshinFitness. But if we look at the first stone tools and spears being used, we are, wait for it, not the creators! Our use of weapons dates back to our Australapicus ancestors.
I see it now-this world is swiftly passing. -the warrior Karna, in the Mahabharata Related Articles Around the Web

Sticks and Stones

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