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Rochele Nunes takes Grand Prix gold in Dushanbe


The final started with a good pace, both judoka hoping to surprise their opponent. Half way to the end, Rochele Nunes was running in front after she had scored a waza-ari in ne-waza. After that the Portuguese athlete just had to keep control to win her first gold medal in a grand prix.Adiyasuren Amarsaikhan (MGL) and Kinga Wolszczak (POL) met in the first match for a bronze medal, the medal going to Mongolia after Amarsaikhan pinned her opponent for ippon and a third medal in a grand prix.To reach the final, Samira Bouizgarne defeated Tulika Maan. The latter, although disappointed with her defeat, can be proud to have carried the colours of India to the level of a semi-final in a grand prix.Portuguese heavyweight Rochele Nunes who took silver at home in Portugal at the start of the season, claimed the gold medal in Dushanbe at the Grand Prix. In the final she defeated Samira Bouizgarne (GER), without reference on the world circuit so far.Tulika Maan (IND) faced Daria Vladimirova in the last women’s contest of the weekend. Immediately vigilant, Tulika Maan scored a first waza-ari with a counter-attack but Daria Vladimirova came back with a waza-ari of her own. Tulika Maan kept believing that It was possible and produced some really good o-soto-gari attacks, lacking just a tiny bit of kuzushi (movement to destabilise the opponent).The last action was Vladimirova’s, who with a makikomi eventually won the match. We will have to follow the Indian athlete though. Today she defeated the highest ranked competitor by ippon, which indicates a very good performance.

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