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40 Hottest Female UFC Fighters of All Time (Instagram Pics)


She has a Muay Thai style of fighting and also practiced krav maga before starting her MMA career in 2012. She’s still fighting in the UFC at 37 years old and has won her last three fights, for a total UFC record of 8-7.Norma Dumont is a very skilled and popular female UFC fighter who often causes a commotion at the UFC weigh-ins because of her body.

Hottest Female UFC Fighters

Cheyanne has trained in karate since 3 years old and taekwondo since 10 – where she’s now a taekwondo black belt.

1. Alexa Grasso

The hottest UFC female fighters are presented in alphabetical order and feature active and retired fighters having fought in the UFC or one of its shows, DWCS or TUF.Blonde stunner Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee has a great body and an even better smile. She was given the nickname KGB by her coach as he thinks she looks Russian.Height: 5’6” | Nationality: Polish | DOB: October 15, 1985

2. Alexandra Albu – ‘Stitch’

Height: 5’7” | Nationality: Brazilian | DOB: June 14, 1992Height: 5’4” | Nationality: Georgian | DOB: March 22, 1995Height: 5’7” | Nationality: Brazilian | DOB: October 1, 1990

3. Amanda Ribas

She’s also well known for being very popular on Only Fans.Bantamweight fighter Wu Yanan is another skillful Chinese UFC fighter. After going 12-1, she got into the UFC in 2017 but was released in 2022 after going 1-5.Overall, Nadia has a 5-2 MMA record, and only time will tell if she can turn her UFC career around.Cat Zingano currently competes in Bellator (2022) and has an MMA record of 13-4.

4. Andrea Lee – ‘KGB’

Height: 6’0” | Nationality: Australian | DOB: February 11, 1990Jessica-Rose Clark is heavily tattooed and considers herself a gypsy traveler, having lived in a caravan with her mother and her 8 siblings growing up. Height: 5’4” | Nationality: American | DOB: July 13, 1987Height: 5’5” | Nationality: American | DOB: May 24, 1991

5. Antonina Shevchenko – ‘La Pantera’

Claudia Gadelha competed in the UFC from 2014 to late 2020 and fought to a 7-5 UFC record. Liana Jojua fought in the UFC four times to a 1-3 UFC record before being released. She got into the UFC after becoming the inaugural Fight Nights Global Women’s Bantamweight Champion.As well as being a UFC fighter, she’s well known for being the girlfriend of lightweight contender Brian Ortega.Pearl Gonzalez is a brown belt in 10th Planet jiu jitsu which has seen her secure 5 submissions in 10 MMA wins (5 losses). She’s very active on Instagram, where’s often posting raunchy snaps to her nearly 300k followers.Outside of fighting, Miesha Tate was formerly the vice president at ONE Championship.

6. Ariane Lipski – ‘Queen Of Violence’

Height: 5’5” | Nationality: American | DOB: December 10, 1993Michelle Waterson is a well-rounded fighter who’s trained in Bjj, boxing, Muay Thai, and wrestling, and has a black belt in American freestyle karate. She has a 6-7 UFC record, an 18-11 MMA record, and has trained at Jackson Wink MMA since 2007.She currently has a 7-4 MMA record and has also competed in Invicta FC and Bellator. Outside of MMA, Kaytlin Neil is a personal trainer who also offers online coaching.The tallest female UFC fighter on this list, Megan Anderson stands 6-foot tall and is quite fond of tattoos. 

7. Ashley Yoder – ‘The Spider Monkey’

She competed in the UFC for the next 8 years, retiring from MMA in 2022 with a UFC record of 5-5. Kaytlin Neil is a flyweight fighter who currently competes for PFL MMA. Kaytlin fought on The Ultimate Fighter Season 30 in 2022 but was beaten in the semifinals and not offered a UFC contract.Miesha Tate was the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion and joined the UFC despite losing to Cat Zingano on the TUF 17 season finale. Despite a shaky start, Miesha Tate became the women’s UFC bantamweight champion after submitting Holly Holm at UFC 196.

8. Casey O’Neill – ‘King’

Ariane Lipski is undoubtedly one of the hottest UFC female fighters ever or at least the prettiest. Ariane was born in Brazil and is a Brazilian national, but she has Polish heritage.If she loses many more fights, it’s hard to see her avoiding the chop. However, it’s unlikely she’ll struggle to join other promotions or start a career as a model.Paige Vanzant is one of the hottest female UFC fighters who used the UFC as a platform to then become very wealthy with her body and good looks. 

9. Cat Zingano -’Alpha’

Before joining the UFC in 2018, Antonina developed her skills in kickboxing and Muay Thai, where her professional kickboxing record is 39-1.Cat Zingano was all the rave among MMA fans when she joined the UFC in 2013, due to her physique and her amazing start where she knocked out Miesha Tate and Amanda Nunes.Ribas was trained by her father in Judo since childhood, and after winning the amateur flyweight IMMAF World Championships in 2012, she started her professional MMA career in 2014.Tecia Torres is one of the shortest female UFC fighters, standing just 5’1”. However, this hasn’t stopped her from securing a 13-6 MMA record and a 9-6 UFC record in the strawweight division.

10. Cheyanne Vlismas – ‘The Warrior Princess’

Luana Pinheiro joined the UFC in 2020 after winning in Dana White’s Contender Series and has since gone 3-0. Her family is big into judo so she started training at the age of 2, and she’s now a black belt in both judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.Not only this, but she’s a serial Muay Thai winner, with 4 gold medals at the IFMA world championships and becoming the champion in Pheonix FC Muay Thai and Lion Fight Muay Thai.Height: 5’3” | Nationality: American | DOB: January 6, 1986Polyana Viana didn’t start her martial arts career until 21 years old when she picked up Brazilian jiu-jitsu and started her professional MMA career the same year (2013).Montana De Le Rosa joined the UFC after winning on the TUF season 26 finale and has since amassed a 5-4-1 UFC record.

11. Claudia Gadelha – ‘Claudinha’

Height: 5’4” | Nationality: Venezuelan | DOB: October 30, 1995Her martial arts journey began in taekwondo at a young age and she transitioned to MMA after being inspired by her brother at Bjj tournaments. Her nickname, ‘187’ refers to the California Penal Code defining the crime of murder.Long-time fan favorite, Rachael Ostovich entered the UFC by winning The Ultimate Fighter: Season 26. She fought in the UFC from 2017 to 2020 and was released following her third consecutive loss. Height: 5’6” | Nationality: Brazilian | DOB: Jan 26, 1994

12. Cynthia Calvillo

Before the UFC she fought for most of her career in Invicta but she also fought a few times for LFA. Andrea Lee is also dating fellow UFC fighter, Tony Kelley.Emily Whitmire was offered a UFC contract despite losing her quarter-final fight against Roxanne Modafferi on TUF 26 and then losing to Gillian Robertson on the undercard of the season’s finale.Height: 5’4” | Nationality: American | DOB: March 26, 1994

13. Diana Belbita – ‘The Warrior Princess’

She joined the UFC in 2018 and has put together a 5-4 record, reaching #9 in the flyweight rankings.Height: 5’3” | Nationality: American | DOB: February 25, 1991Height: 5’3” | Nationality: Russian | DOB: July 14, 1990Her MMA career began in 2012 and she was soon in the UFC, where she fought to a 5-4 UFC record before leaving in 2020 to join BKFC. The BKFC deal was worth a lot of money because of her large online following rather than her skills as a boxer or mixed martial artist.

14. Emily Whitmire – ‘Spitfire’

Height: 5’7” | Nationality: Ukrainian | DOB: September 8, 1991Maryna Moroz started her martial arts career as a boxer but transitioned to MMA in 2013 at the age of 22 after realizing there were limited opportunities for boxing in Ukraine.Height: 5’4” | Nationality: Brazilian | DOB: December 7, 1998

15. Felice Herrig –  ‘Lil Bulldog’

Montana started wrestling in high school and after graduating with a major in kinesiology in 2013, she picked up Brazilian jiu-jitsu where she’s now a brown belt.Ashley made her UFC debut in 2016 at the age of 28, and in 10 UFC fights, she has a 3-7 record. Before this, she fought for BAMMA and once for Invicta before competing in The Ultimate Fighter season 23.During her run-up and challenge for the strawweight title, Karolina Kowalkiewicz was all the rave. She’s very pretty and along with her fighting skills, she became a very popular fighter.Height: 5’4” | Nationality: American | DOB: August 12, 1986She has since penned a deal with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and started an Only Fans account – where she claims she makes more money than she ever did in the UFC.

16. Irene Aldana

Height: 5’4” | Nationality: Brazilian | DOB: Aug 26, 1993She’s well known for being a high-level grappler with good submission skills. Out of her 13-3 MMA record and 8-3 UFC record, 7 wins have come by submission, and the other 6 are a result of her takedowns and ground control.Height: 5’6” | Nationality: American | DOB: February 1, 1987She recently challenged Amanda Nunes for the bantamweight title in June 2023 but was heavily outclassed by the greatest of all time.

17. Jessica-Rose Clark – ‘Jessy Jess’

Are you wondering who the hottest female UFC fighters of all time are?Before becoming a professional MMA fighter, Liana graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University with an economics and business administration degree. Megan Anderson made her MMA debut in 2013 and joined the UFC in 2018 after becoming the Invicta featherweight champion.She’s trying to convince the UFC to build a UFC Performance Institute in Brazil as a way to help develop young talent.Polyana Viana is now a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has been in the UFC since 2018, where she’s fought to a 4-4 UFC record. She’s a very entertaining fighter – finishing all 13 MMA wins via knockout (5) and submission (8).

18. Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Height: 5’5” | Nationality: Australian | DOB: 28 November, 1987She has since become the first female UFC fighter to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame and has over 17 million followers on Instagram.Height: 5’4” | Nationality: Brazil | DOB: March 24, 1993

19. Kaytlin Neil – ‘Katniss’

Maryna Moroz is a master of sports in both boxing and kickboxing, and she’s also a talented Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, with 6 of her 11 wins coming via submission.Alexandra Albu is a black belt in karate and still frequently trains in martial arts, which she posts to her Instagram where she has over 100k followers.Height: 5’7” | Nationality: American | DOB: Feb 11, 1989

20. Liana Jojua – ‘She Wolf’

Height: 5’5” | Nationality: Mexican | DOB: Aug 9, 1993Diana Belbita started training in judo at 12 years old, before picking up karate and kickboxing in the next couple of years.Wu Yanan has a sanda style of fighting and she’s also a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

21. Luana Pinheiro

Casey O’Neill is a Scottish-born Australian who’s already one of the best Australian UFC fighters despite her career being so short.Tecia Torres has studied a variety of martial arts, where she’s now a black belt in taekwondo, a black belt in karate, and a blue belt in Bjj. She trains with American Top Team and is of Puerto Rican and Portuguese descent.Height: 5’9” | Nationality: Mexican | DOB: March 26, 1988

22. Mackenzie Dern

She has a 2nd-degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which alongside her experience as a fighter, she used to land the role of UFC Director of BJJ Strategy & Athlete Relations in 2022.Height: 5’6” | Nationality: American | DOB: July 1, 1982Alexandra joined the UFC in 2015 and left in 2019 after going 2-2; quickly realizing that the UFC was very high-level competition. She hasn’t competed in MMA since then and now works full-time as a fitness trainer.Her martial arts journey started with wrestling at the age of 12 and she went on to become a 4-time All-American and National Champion.

23. Megan Anderson

Diana joined the UFC in 2019, where she has a 1-3 record and an overall MMA record of 14-7. Hopefully, she can turn it around because fans would love to see her stay.Norma made her professional MMA debut in 2016 and has fought to a 9-2 MMA record and a 5-2 UFC record. Her main skill is grappling, where she’s a black belt in sanda and a brown belt in Bjj. Before MMA, Norma was a six-time Sanda state and national champion.Since joining the UFC in 2016, Veronica has fought to a 2-4 UFC record. However, at only 27 years old, Veronica has plenty of time to improve and correct this.Veronica Hardy, formerly Veronica Macedo, is married to former UFC fighter and commentator, Dan Hardy, with the couple hosting the Full Reptile podcast together.

24. Maryna Moroz – ‘The Iron Lady’

In this article, we’ll list the 40 hottest female UFC fighters and provide some information about each.She has a professional MMA record of 9-1, 5 of which have been in the UFC, and 3 out of 5 have been won with finishes. Fans of Casey will be happy as she’s likely to be in the UFC for a while and potentially challenging for the flyweight title in no time.Mackenzie Dern has long been one of the most popular female UFC fighters because of her charm, attractiveness, and skill.Height: 5’1” | Nationality: American | DOB: August 16, 1989Since turning professional in 2017, Tracy Cortez has a 10-1 MMA record which saw her lose her first fight and win her next 10. She entered the UFC via Dana White’s Contender Series and has won her first 4 fights.

25. Michelle Waterson – ‘The Karate Hottie’

She trains out of Syndicate MMA and is constantly improving her striking, where she’s a potential future bantamweight contender.Height: 5’7” | Nationality: American | DOB: January 7, 1992She’s a well-rounded fighter with an 11-5 MMA record, and she currently has a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Aside from the UFC, Megan Anderson is also a Twitch streamer and ESPN UFC analyst.La Pantera is the older sister of former UFC flyweight champion, Valentina Shevchenko. While not as talented as a fighter, most fans agree Antonina is the more attractive sister.

26. Miesha Tate – ‘Cupcake’

Nadia Kassem currently fights as a strawweight with a 1-2 UFC record. Although Nadia Kassem was born and raised in Australia, she’s of Lebanese descent.Felice Herrig was one of 20 female strawweight fighters to appear on The Ultimate Fighter season 20, to crown the first female UFC strawweight champion. She lost in the quarterfinals but was given a UFC contract in 2014.Poliana Botelho joined the UFC in 2017 after racing to a 5-1 MMA record in XFCI and becoming the flyweight champion. She was released by the UFC in 2021 after losing three in a row for a 3-4 UFC record.Height: 5’6” | Nationality: Australian | DOB: October 7, 1997Outside of the UFC, Maryna Moroz is a boxing coach for the Ukrainian Olympic women’s boxing team, and she’s also a model who became the first UFC fighter to model for Playboy.

27. Montana De La Rosa

In the meantime, she’s amassed over 700k Instagram followers and has started her own beauty products company called Chichi Beauty.She’s now the flyweight champion after beating Valentina Shevchenko in one of the biggest UFC upsets of all time and is riding a 5 fight win streak. She joins Brandon Moreno and Yair Rodriguez (interim champion) to make three current Mexican UFC champions.Mackenzie formerly trained with Black House MMA but she’s been with RVCA since 2020. She’s currently a third-degree black belt under Wellington Dias. Before MMA, Mackenzie Dern was a very successful Bjj competitor who won many gold medals at the highest level.As many females do, Irene became known by fighting in Invicta FC before joining the UFC in 2016 and amassing a 7-5 record there.

28. Nadia Kassem – ‘187’

After joining the UFC in 2016, Alexa quickly became a fan favorite because of her model looks and ability as a fighter.Height: 5’2” | Nationality: Brazilian | DOB: February 21, 1995Living up to her nickname, Cheyanne has a pretty face, an amazing physique, and brunette hair.Ronda Rousey became the Strikeforce bantamweight champion and was the UFC’s inaugural women’s bantamweight champion. She held the most title defenses (5) by a female UFC fighter until Valentina Shevchenko took the record in 2022.

29. Norma Dumont – ‘The Immortal’

Height: 5’4” | Nationality: American | DOB: September 18, 1984She has decent wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and her standup is kickboxing based.Prior to a professional MMA career, Yoder was a cheerleader, dancer, and lifeguard – so she’s been active all of her life. She also acquired two bachelor’s degrees at the University of Indiani, in criminal justice and African American Diaspora Studies.Height: 5’8” | Nationality: Brazilian | DOB: December 15, 1988

30. Paige Vanzant – ‘12 Gauge’

Now 28 years old, Tabatha Ricci is a black belt in Bjj and has fought to a 3-1 UFC record. Not only is she a great fighter, but she’s a fan favorite because she’s very attractive.Outside of fighting, she’s a motorbike lover and is currently the Youtube host for Harley Davidson.After joining the UFC in 2019, she established herself by going 5-2 and further endeared herself to fans around the world.Michelle Waterson has long been admired by UFC fans since making her UFC debut via TUF 21 in 2015. Before this, she was the Invicta FC atomweight champion.

31. Pearl Gonzalez – ‘The Chi-Town Princess’

Montana has been training with Team Elevation since 2020 and currently competes as a flyweight.Height: 5’7” | Nationality: American | DOB: February 14, 1995Luana trains out of Nova União and formerly competed in Brave FC in Brazil. As of 2023, she has an 11-1 MMA record.

32. Poliana Botelho

Miesha Tate is one of the hottest female UFC fighters and also one of the longest-serving – having been a UFC fighter for over 10 years.Ariane joined the UFC in 2019 and has had a tough time, currently with a 3-4 record. Despite this, she’s lived up to her nickname by displaying violent finishes – she has 9 finishes in 15 wins which is very high for a female flyweight.During this run, Ronda Rousey was all the rave because of her body, beauty, and talent as a mixed martial artist. She’s a black belt in judo and also a bronze medal winner in judo at the 2008 Olympics. She fought to a 6-2 UFC record and a 12-2 MMA record before retiring to join the WWE (wrestling).

33. Polyana Viana – ‘Dama de Ferro’

She then fought and won her only fight in Invicta FC and is now a strawweight in Bellator. She trains out of Nova União, is a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and is a Muay Thai fighter known for her knockout power – she has 6 knockouts in 9 MMA wins which is very high for a flyweight.Height: 5’7” | Nationality: Romanian | DOB: June 26, 1996Michelle Waterson has a Thai mother and an American father and she was born and raised in the USA.Height: 5’6” | Nationality: American | DOB: August 18, 1986

34. Rachael Ostovich

Irene Aldana is a talented MMA fighter who has great boxing skills. Before MMA, Irena graduated with a degree in graphic design but was in love with martial arts.Amanda Ribas is a huge crowd favorite because of her fighting skill, beauty, and constant smiling.With over 720k followers on Instagram, it appears Polyana Viana has a career as a model or influencer after she retires from MMA.She joined the UFC in 2017 and went 4-5, getting recently released in 2023 after losing three fights in a row.

35. Ronda Rousey – ‘Rowdy’

After dropping out of University, Jessica-Rose Clark picked up kickboxing and fell in love with it. She naturally moved over to mixed martial arts and began her professional career in 20212.Height: 5’7” | Nationality: American | DOB: October 20, 1987She hasn’t fought in MMA since her release but did fight once in BKFC in 2021 when she beat former UFC opponent, Paige Vanzant.Cynthia Calvillo competed in the UFC from 2017 to 2023 but was released following her fifth consecutive loss. She competed in both the strawweight and flyweight divisions and has an overall MMA record of 9-6.

36. Tabatha Ricci – ‘Baby Shark’

Outside of MMA, Antonina Shevchenko is also an instrument-rated commercial pilot.Miesha Tate has trained with Xtreme Couture for many years and is also a purple belt in Bjj. Pearl Gonzalez only fought twice in the UFC before moving to Invicta FC in 2018. Her martial arts career started with boxing at 11 years old, where she became the Golden Gloves champion in 2008.

37. Tecia Torres – ‘The Tiny Tornado’

Height: 5’8” | Nationality: Kyrgyzstan-Peruvian | DOB: Nov 20, 1984Diana is a former world and European kempo karate champion, and MMA champion in KSW and RXF.Tracy Cortez was introduced to MMA by watching the UFC with her three brothers, one of which was on the verge of becoming a UFC fighter but unfortunately struggled with illness.

38. Tracy Cortez

Height: 5’5” | Nationality: Australian | DOB: November 15, 1995Tabatha Ricci started her martial arts journey in judo at 6 years old before picking up Muay Thai many years later at the age of 15. Bjj came at 17 and she quickly transitioned to MMA a year later, earning a 5-0 professional MMA record before joining the UFC in 2021.Height: 5’3” | Nationality: American | DOB: June 25, 1995Cheyanne made her MMA debut in LFA and made her way into the UFC via the contender series in 2020. Since joining, she has a 2-2 record in the UFC.

39. Wu Yanan – ‘Mulan’

Formerly known as Cheyanne Buys, she was married to UFC fighter J.P. Buys until their divorce in 2022.Height: 5’4” | Nationality: Brazilian | DOB: November 18, 1992She won her first two UFC fights but was released in 2021 after losing her next three. She now fights as a strawweight in Invicta FC and has been with Syndicate MMA since 2019.

40. Veronica Hardy

With her talent as a boxer, her transition was smooth and she earned a UFC contract in 2015. She now has an MMA record of 11-4 and a 6-4 UFC record. Felice Herrig was a successful kickboxer before transitioning to MMA in 2009, with a record of 23-5.Height: 5’8” | Nationality: Chinese | DOB: April 18, 1996

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