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Sumo’s Top Wrestler Returns to Win Summer Tournament


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The pair clashed in the middle of the ring as Terunofuji seized his opponent’s belt with his right hand while Kiribayama desperately fought off the yokozuna’s left hand grip. Kiribayama eventually managed to lock both his own hands on Terunofuji’s belt but Terunofuji used all his power to finally force Kiribayama backwards and out of the ring. While Terunofuji claimed his eighth Emperor’s Cup championship, Kiribayama likely did enough to merit a promotion to the sport’s second highest rank of ozeki.

Terunofuji, the lone wrestler to currently hold sumo’s top rank of yokozuna, made a triumphant return to the sport capturing the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament with a day to spare Saturday, after missing the previous three tournaments with injuries. He had to overcome the winner of the prior tournament in March, fellow Mongolian Kiribayama, in an epic battle to do it, though.From Your Site Articles

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