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Julianna Pena Ripped By Fans After Booing Amanda Nunes In Middle Of Retirement Speech At UFC 289 | MiddleEasy


“*Feels money slipping away*,” another reacted.“I’m supposed to beat her tonight again. She’s the one that was hurt in training, break the ribs, what am I going to do about it? If it was Julianna Pena tonight, I don’t retire because I want to fight somebody that I never fought before to retire. Tonight, it wouldn’t have been the night. I would have beat Julianna and then fight Aldana or whatever and then retire,” Nunes said.

With Nunes now out of the picture, Pena might have another shot at the UFC women’s bantamweight title.
MMA fans seemed unhappy with the reaction of Julianna Pena to Amanda Nunes’ retirement speech following her decision win over Irene Aldana at UFC 289. In a video now circulating online, “The Venezuelan Vixen” could be heard booing “Lioness,” prompting online fans to bombard her with insults in the comment section.
“Bitter? No. Delusional? Yes..She pulled a Matt Serra and got the belt. A win is a win but she won’t even come close to touching Amanda’s record,” one wrote.
Pena clearly didn’t like the fact that Nunes retired because she has been yearning for a trilogy fight with the two-division champ. However, fans thought she still should’ve shown Nunes some respect during the special and emotional moment of her career.
“Pena’s out here acting like the first fight wasn’t as fluke-y as Serra vs. GSP 1,” one fan said.

“She’s riding that win like masvidal with that knee….smh,” another fan commented.

“Pena has to be the least skilled UFC champion in history. People who take a week of boxing classes have better striking than her,” one said.

It can be recalled that Pena should’ve been Nunes’ opponent at UFC 289 if it wasn’t for an injury that forced her to withdraw from the card. While that was really unfortunate, “Lioness” said “The Venezulen Vixen” already had her chance and whatever happened was no longer her fault.

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