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On this day: Jorge Fonseca showcases amazing judo and retains world title


The Portuguese current world champion had been demonstrating his best judo. The man who can win by ippon anytime, but who can also suddenly lose by ippon, produced some of the most spectacular judo of the competition. It is impressive to see him, with his muscular stature, moving like he was 20kg lighter, with each of his attacks exploding in the face of his opponent. After 4 preliminary rounds Fonseca had spent just over 5 minutes altogether on the tatami and offered a masterclass in explosiveness.Aleksandar Kukulj took the last opportunity to book that precious ticket to Tokyo and only that final spot was necessary to get an amount of points to catapult him into the top 20 of the Olympic Ranking.Jorge Fonseca declared, “In the tunnel I was saying loudly “I’m the best” to motivate myself and to scare everyone else. Now I’m 2 time world champion and now everyone will respect my name because… I’m the best!”A first shido was awarded to Kukolj for passivity, while Fonseca received his penalty for a false attack. The following attack was not a false one and scored a superb waza-ari with a sode-tsuri-komi-goshi. A few seconds later as he seemed to be dominated by the high kumi-kata of his opponent, Fonseca executed the perfect action-reaction ko-uchi-gari that propelled Kukolj flat on his back. With this second world title in a raw, Fonseca can dance and he will be one of the top favourites for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. If in Japan he has the same capacity to throw, he will be difficult to defeat.Liparteliani defeats KorrelWhat an amazing performance of Anna Maria Wagner of Germany who became the second ever female World Champion Jorge Fonseca from Portugretained his World title. He let no space for any other rival. His personality and style of judo brought him the golden pose on the stage and he was a class on his own. He technical ability and explosive throws were outstanding and a trueal weapon. On this same day in 2021.In the final Fonseca, who was in a really good position to add a second world title to his name, was up against Aleksandar Kukolj of Serbia, who was concentrated like never before and who eliminated Shady Elnahas (CAN) and the new member of the athlete’s commission, Varlam Liparteliani, just to mention two main opponents of the day.Sulamanidze taught by master LipartelianiThe bronze went to Georgian Varlam Liparteliani in his bout against Michael Korrel, two big throwers as well, prefect seoi nage and Liparteliani has his maki komi but Liparteliani used his ground counter with yoko sutemi to catch Michael Korrel in oseikomi and Liparteliani was satisfied with his sixth World Championships medal. Still not that desired gold medal but got surprised in the quarter final against Kukolj, the number 54 of the World Ranking who outperformed today and quialifies for Tokyo at last, what a surprise. Being world number one, Varlam Liparteliani (GEO) hoped that this world championships would be his. Already three time world silver and an Olympic silver medallist, this had to be his championships, but defeated in the quarter-final, the champion had to go for a match against Michael Korrel (NED) for the bronze medal. After a strong kumi-kata battle but with no attack, both athletes were penalised. After a failed seoi-nage attempt from Korrel, who was on his knees, Liparteliani turned him over with a counter-attack to score a first waza-ari that was immediately followed by an immobilisation for ippon. This is the sixth world championship medal for the Georgian champion, who reinforced his role-model image among the judo community.Read how Jorge Fonseca survived cancer Jorge Fonseca was the big man again and made history for Portugal that climbed on the ranking with his gold medal and the bronze of Anri Egutidze, this time the men do it for the Portuguese at this surprising championship in Budapest.Judofans watch for his ippon seoi nage but he came with a classic ko-uchi in the final against Serbian Aleksandar Kukolj who came out of nowhere today. There was no limit to Jorge Fonseca who is now a double World Champion for Portugal. Only Clarisse Agbegnenou and Soichi Hashimoto retained the title alongside Fonseca. Fonseca’s gameplan was a perfect fit, he understood his ground. He had to move forward to the tall Kukolj. The tank couldn’t be caught in the final and it limited the chances of Kukolj and the Serbian surprise was thrown by Ko-Uchi. Every throw is powerful and he even thinks about the transition to newaza but it wasn’t necessary.The second bronze medal contest was for either Ilia Sulamanidze (GEO), who could become the ‘next Liparteliani’ or one of the most spectacular Canadian competitors, Shady Elnahas (CAN). The two athletes offered a beautiful show, with a lot of attacks on both sides. With the support of the video, two waza-ari were then cancelled successively, one on each side. Youngster Sulamanidze got the applause of his master and gave a show of talent today in Budapest and took an unexpected bronze medal. You would expect Arman Adamian, Iida, Nikiforov or even Catharina but they all got caught in a pool of death that Kukulj surprisingly won. El Nahas had a better draw and resisted Adamian in the quarter final. Korrel was able to defeat Alexandre Iddir and showed again his super throws but finished with empty hands.

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