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The Exer-Genie: Take Your Martial Artists to the Next Level


3) Train the Horizontal PlaneAnd to top it off, Exer-Genie is an excellent tool for strength and conditioning, aerobics, and HIIT sessions. Its unique design allows for seamless transitions between exercises. When one side is pulled, the other moves closer and is immediately ready to use. This allows you to work to train different muscle groups with minimal downtime. For instance, the first exercise can target the anterior muscles. Then you can quickly switch to the other side to train the posterior muscles.

Easy to Use and Portable


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Isometric Training, Bruce Lee and Exer-Genie 10/12 Method- A New and Greater Level of Isometrics!

[embedded content]4) Great for Resistance Training

Quick and Convenient Setup- More Time for Training and Recovery

Furthermore, Exer-Genie teaches you how to feel your muscle and body stabilizing, stretching, and contracting through the whole range of motion. It is a perfect teaching tool to help develop timing and power through any exercise or technique to fix any energy leaks slowing you down.

  • Simply attach it to any anchor point at any desired level, whether above your head, waist level or on the ground.
  • Once the anchor point is connected, secure the bar or handles to the short line and the waist or shoulder harness to the long line.
  • After securing the harness, if you have a long 36 or 60-meter line, you need to walk it out.
  • Adjust your desired tension with a twist and click. You can adjust from 10 to 100 pounds in seconds, eliminating the need for weights or plates.
  • Lastly, with a long line, put the harness on your hips, shoulders, elbows, hands, knees, or ankles. If you have a short line, grasp the bar or handles, and begin your workout.

Bruce famously said you never know how you will move in a fight, so you must train everything. And that’s precisely what Exer-Genie provides creativity and versatility to train it all.

Versatility at Its Finest

  • speed work, explosive training, agility,
  • sports-specific motions,
  • strongman exercises,
  • functional movements,
  • flexibility
  • rehabilitation, etc.

You can order your Exer-Genie using the links below.

https://jasonbb–shop.thrivecart.com/truck-in-a-box-x-harness-system-120/Exer-Genie, 2 handles, and a 10-foot training line.The Exer-Genie was designed with multiple training methods in mind, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance, cross-train, and diversify their workout routine. You can do techniques like complex and contrast training, isotonic, isometric, and isokinetic exercises, and more!

Proven Results


Exer-Genie Tutorial- How to use and setup Exer-Genie.

[embedded content]The 10/12 Method is a technique that focuses on fatiguing the Type I fast twitch muscle fibers first for 10 seconds. The additional pull for 12 seconds activates the Type II intermediate fibers. This method is exclusive to Exer-Genie and is not easily replicable with weights in a gym setting.As a martial artist, you understand the importance of having the best equipment and training to improve your skills, just like Bruce Lee. Bruce had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, pushing the limits and boundaries of his training. He always sought the latest and greatest equipment to enhance his strength and speed. He even had some custom-made equipment he used in his garage. But many times, this type of equipment is expensive to make and difficult to transport. That’s where the Exer-Genie comes in, making both these wishes come true and more!

The Exer-Genie: Ahead of Its Time

Power Endurance Training- with Exer-Genie #hiit #training #fitness #shortsyoutube

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Bruce Lee’s Isometric Routine with Exer-Genie! #strength #brucelee #exergenie

[embedded content]Interestingly, NASA used an Exer-Genie 10-foot line for its Apollo missions in 1968 because of its lightweight durability and portability. It was perfect for astronauts to maintain strength in zero gravity.

Related Articles Around the WebThe Exer-Genie system can be set up quickly and easily in under a minute.It is vital to focus on developing your body’s ability to move rather than targeting specific muscles. One of the primary advantages of the Exer-Genie is the ability to target different planes of motion, particularly those involving horizontal movement. This type of movement is challenging to load with resistance and is crucial for developing powerful techniques, strong kicks, and fast punches.Exer-Genie’s remarkable versatility makes it suitable for martial arts and many other sports. It allows users to train their kicks, punches, agility, or any specific martial arts movements from any angle.Check out my book Instant Strength, for strength, speed and explosive training!

The Exer-Genie is a highly versatile piece of exercise equipment that can adjust resistance levels from as low as 1 ounce to as high as 600 pounds. It is compact and lightweight, weighing only 5 pounds, making it incredibly portable and easy to carry. In addition, the Exer-Genie comes with a carrying sack, so you can easily transport and use it wherever you go. No place is exempt! You can use it at home, in the dojo, at the park, on the court, or in any field. You can even take it on vacation. You literally have a fully functional gym in a bag!

To perform this, set the Exer-Genie to about 70-80% of your 1RM and get into your isometric position. Next, simply belay the line by gripping it with your index finger. This renders the line and resistance immovable. Then, exert maximal force for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, loosen your finger grip on the line. This will release the isometric tension. And allow you to pull the line. After pulling the isometric tension, continue pulling the 70—80% resistance through a 12-second full range of motion to finish with a powerful concentric contraction.The Choice is YoursThe Exer-Genie 10/12 Isometric Training Method is an advanced technique that enhances isometric training and takes Bruce Lee’s workout to a higher level.

2) The Exer-Genie 10/12 Isometric Training

Exer-Genie, 1 shoulder harness, and 60m (200 foot) line.From Your Site Articles
Exer-Genie, 1 shoulder harness, and 36m (120 foot) line.My favorite workout involves combining the Exer-Genie with additional equipment such as a sandbag, med ball, or kettlebells. This type of training allows me to simultaneously engage two different lines of force: a horizontal force from the Exer-Genie and a vertical force from the kettlebells. It engages all the muscles from the ground up through the core to the top of my head and is nearly impossible to do in the gym.https://jasonbb–shop.thrivecart.com/truck-in-a-box-60m-200-one-x-harness/Exer-Genie does everything from strength, speed, power, endurance, and isometric training. Best of all, it is conveniently controlled in the palm of your hand.I guarantee it will enhance your martial arts performance, fitness, strength, stamina, and speed. The Exer-Genie is an excellent tool for resistance training. You can alternate between back rows, chest presses, lat pull-downs, and shoulder presses. This alternating motion helps to train the natural movement flow of your body. Additionally, you can use it for aerobic resistance training, like Bruce Lee used to do, called PHA. You can perform resistance training with a full range of motion at any position.However, a few famous sports teams in the past used Exer-genie, including Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns, and Dallas Cowboys. Since then, it has become a popular training tool for other professional sports teams such as MLB, NHL, NFL, and college teams. Even the Philadelphia Flyers used it in 1974 and 1975 and won the Stanley Cup in both years. So, the Exer-Genie has a proven track record of success in the world of athletics.As an exercise physiologist, I implement the Exer-Genie to augment my sprinting, hopping, skipping, lunging, and jumping capabilities. This device augments the utilization of ground forces from your feet, resulting in increased strength, speed, power, and explosiveness from the body rather than just muscles. It develops that push-off from the ground.Exer-Genie holds extensive value for a martial artist. You can develop strength and train from any angle. Look at videos on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. See other people using it and their successful training stories to see how it fits all your training needs.Another technique I enjoy using is complex training. I increase the resistance to around 90% of my maximum weight for one repetition. The first exercise is performed for 5-10 seconds, followed by the dynamic movement exercise. This approach effectively stimulates the nervous system during the initial exercise, resulting in enhanced explosiveness for the subsequent exercise. For example, I perform Exer-Genie hops, skips, or jumps on double or single leg. Thereafter, I perform the bodyweight dynamic version, which is more explosive because of the Exer-Genie resistance.The Exer-Genie 10/12 method holds the isometric resistance for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, you release the tension and pull for an additional 12 seconds through the full range of motion. This approach provides superior results for those seeking to maximize their isometric training efforts.
The Exer-Genie’s unique design requires you to generate power and speed in your punches and kicks by utilizing ground force with your feet. This level of functionality cannot be replicated with traditional dumbbells or other types of weighted equipment. The Exer-Genie is a highly effective alternative to sled drags, eliminating the need for additional equipment such as weight, plates, or sleds.The Exer-Genie comes in three different cord lengths, 36m, and 60m, and a 10ft short cord. These cord options provide customization for your sport or training routine.

The Exer-Genie: Take Your Martial Artists to the Next Level

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