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Tom Aspinall Believes Jon Jones Will Retire After One More Fight: ‘The Guy’s A F*cking Multi-Millionaire’ | MiddleEasy


Aspinall upholds his firm belief in Jones calling it quits in his next outing, citing his disagreeing critics simply don’t know what they’re talking about.Is Tom Aspinall accurate in his prediction? Will Jon Jones retire after his next fight?However, it’s not because somebody dethrones him. No, the #5 ranked heavyweight contender believes that Jones will hang up the gloves after his next fight— long before Aspinall makes a case for a title shot, which restarts with Marcin Tybura on July 22nd.

Tom Aspinall thinks Jon Jones is the heavyweight champion for a limited time only.

Jones has already hinted at retirement from his illustrious career which could come right after a potential fight with Stipe Miocic or perhaps Russian audible Sergei Pavlovich (as Chael Sonnen has suggested). But, Aspinall believes ‘Bones’ will do so in the aftermath of a fight with the all-time great Miocic. 

“I do see [Jones] retiring, I do,” Aspinall told JNMEDIAUK. “I was saying this f*cking ages ago and I was like, look, ‘he’s gonna fight Stipe and then he is gonna retire. And then everyone was like, he’s signed an eight fight deal, blah, blah blah. And I’m like, listen, the guy’s a fucking multi-millionaire and he’s done everything. Do you really think he’s gonna fight out eight fights?”
“People are mad mate. People think they know a lot about UFC contracts and the way it’s paid and stuff. And mate, they sat on the f*cking couch all day. They’ve no idea what goes on in the UFC contract,” Aspinall continued. “They don’t know how the business works or nothing, just cuz they watch few YouTube videos here and there. A lot of people think they fucking know more than me about UFC contracts and the way that the UFC works. It’s like, mate, you work as a f*cking plumber and watch for YouTube videos throughout the day. Chill out.

“I always respect everyone’s opinion. I’m never like, ‘I’m a UFC fighter, I know way more than you’ because truth be told, I don’t watch it that much. Like I watch my own division, but I don’t watch every event. But, it’s funny when people think like they know the inside ins and outs of the business more than I do. Cause it’s like that’s my business to know.”

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