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Trailblazer: Gabrielle Rudolph


Certain sections of this interview may have been shortened due to editorial constraints.

As we go through our training, we may encounter obstacles that make us feel stuck. What guidance would you offer to students who are struggling with motivation or considering giving up?As a practitioner with a Black Belt or higher, what advancements or modifications have you seen in your discipline throughout the years?Gabrielle Rudolph is a pioneering martial artist who teaches on Black Belt+, the most extensive martial arts platform ever created.As a martial arts expert, when do you suggest it is ideal to explore and acquire knowledge in different styles after starting with one?Gabrielle typically trains by herself, but she has found that watching videos of herself performing her kata has greatly improved her technique and training. She recommends using Black Belt+ to watch videos of top martial artists and enhance your own abilities.As a Black Belt+, what is the focus of your instruction nowadays?Articles on the internet that are related to the topic.Black Belt+: The aim of Black Belt+ is to assist students who are not physically present in the dojo. Can you provide some valuable insights on how to train effectively when practicing alone or from a distance?As a Black Belt+, who or what served as your inspiration, given that you have inspired so many others?
Gabrielle believes that having a strong grasp of fundamental martial arts techniques is crucial for achieving success, regardless of one’s objectives in the field. Therefore, the majority of her content on BB+ is dedicated to providing a comprehensive understanding of these basics, enabling individuals from all backgrounds and with varying goals to advance as martial artists.Gabrielle draws inspiration from her family to excel in martial arts. Her parents are accomplished martial arts school proprietors, and the sport has been a significant aspect of her life since childhood. They made numerous sacrifices to enable her to participate in martial arts competitions worldwide, and she aims to make them proud. Additionally, her 76-year-old grandmother still competes at the national level, serving as a source of inspiration for Gabrielle. Martial arts has always been a family activity, and she wouldn’t want it any other way.As a Black Belt+, what keeps you inspired and driven to continue pursuing your craft?Reworded: Articles found on your website.Gabrielle notes that there has been significant change in the traditional divisions of the competitive scene. Approximately 15 years ago, the NASKA circuit saw a lot of modifications to traditional forms, with some being entirely new creations and others being a blend of different styles. Nowadays, it’s encouraging to see that most successful competitors are performing kata that stay true to their original choreography and bunkai, with only minor tweaks made for visual impact. This is a significant departure from the past, where there was much more adaptation involved.Gabrielle suggests that it’s better to focus on achieving the black belt rank in your primary martial arts style before exploring other styles. She warns that trying out too many styles too soon can cause confusion and overlap between different techniques and philosophies. It’s important to gain a solid understanding of one skillset before adapting to another. Gabrielle, who has been training in Jhoon Rhee taekwondo since she was two years old, now competes on the world tour as a Goju-Ryu karate specialist and believes that diversifying is crucial.View Gabrielle Rudolph’s educational videos on Black Belt+ by subscribing through Black Belt Magazine’s website at plus.blackbeltmag.com. Alternatively, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
Gabrielle is passionate about martial arts and considers it an integral part of her life. Her desire to be recruited to Team Paul Mitchell before the 2023 season was a significant motivator for her to stay focused and competitive. Now that she has achieved this goal, she is determined to represent the team well every time she competes. Being part of Team Paul Mitchell is more than just an individual accomplishment, it’s about competing for something greater than oneself, which is incredibly meaningful to Gabrielle.Gabrielle stated that when she faces obstacles during her martial arts training, she reflects on her objectives and the reasons behind embarking on this journey. She believes that staying authentic to oneself and reconnecting with the driving forces that initiated this lifestyle are crucial strategies to overcome the challenging phases in one’s training.

Trailblazer: Gabrielle Rudolph

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