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Top Four Fighters with Exceptional Submission Techniques


In the 2000s, he employed various chokeholds such as the Triangle choke, armbar, Anaconda choke, and Guillotine choke to outsmart his opponent. It’s difficult to defend against all of these techniques, giving Nogueira an advantage. Nogueira’s last competitive fight in UFC was in 2015.The past decade or so has seen an exciting development in the UFC, as it has provided a platform for women to display their fighting abilities. Numerous female fighters have made a name for themselves in the MMA world. Among them, Ronda Rousey stands out as a highly respected figure in UFC history. She was a dominant force in the sport for many years, and her submission skills, particularly her armbar technique, were truly impressive.

Ken Shamrock

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s UFC career record of 34-10-1 is impressive and difficult to dispute. His historical performance dating back to 2001 showcases his ability to use a variety of submission moves to defeat his opponents. Unlike most fighters who specialize in one submission tactic, Nogueira’s versatility in this area sets him apart as a submission superstar.Shamrock was an early standout in the UFC during the 1990s, even before it gained widespread recognition. Unlike fighters who relied on gradual jabs to weaken their opponents, Shamrock aimed to quickly execute leg lock submissions to secure victory.Early supporters of UFC witnessed some remarkable moments as the goals were alike and the skill levels were comparable. In November 1993, Gracie emerged victorious over Shamrock, but in April 1995, Shamrock retaliated by ending Gracie’s unbeaten run.

Ronda Rousey

Mixed martial arts is a captivating form of combat sports where almost anything is allowed. Unlike boxers who focus on keeping their hands tight and striking with quick jabs, UFC fighters face a much greater challenge and must be ready for anything.Royce Gracie should also be acknowledged in the discussion of submission techniques. He had a commendable record of 15 wins, 2 losses, and 3 draws in UFC fights, and ended his career with a victory over Kazushi Sakuraba in June 2007. Gracie’s family has produced numerous skilled mixed martial arts athletes, so it’s not surprising that he had a successful fighting career.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

During his time in WWE, Shamrock participated in several high-profile matches, including some against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.Ken Shamrock is a renowned figure in combat sports, particularly for his ability to execute submission holds that leave opponents feeling defeated. During the 1990s, he gained popularity in the World Wrestling Entertainment arena, where his signature ankle lock move forced many opponents to submit. Some have suggested that Kurt Angle emulated Shamrock’s move and helped to elevate the ankle lock’s popularity even further.

Royce Gracie

We will examine some fighters who are extremely challenging to defeat once they gain a strong hold on their opponents.At the start of her UFC career, Rousey quickly established herself as a dominant force by winning her first eight fights using the armbar technique. Her opponents were often overwhelmed by the strength she exerted on their faces with this move, leaving them with no option but to surrender. Following in the footsteps of Shamrock, Rousey has now transitioned to the WWE, where she continues to showcase her distinct style of fighting to a new audience.Gracie had extensive training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, enabling him to develop effective techniques for holds that would be advantageous in the UFC arena. Among these was the rear naked choke, which he used to win three UFC matches. It’s noteworthy that Gracie and Shamrock encountered each other in the 1990s, each attempting to execute their distinctive submission moves on the other.Four Fighters with The Best Submission Holds

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