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The team known as Straight Up has successfully recruited ex-Steeler player Jarvis Miller.


Keep watching Black Belt Magazine for ongoing updates on the world of sport martial arts as we near an exciting Summer.Articles on the topic can be found on various websites.According to a report by Alex Reyes from Point Fighter Live, Joe Greenhalgh and Team Straight Up have recruited a new heavyweight for their point fighting team. Jarvis Miller, who previously played as a linebacker for Penn State for four years before transferring to UMASS and eventually signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, has joined the team. Miller was part of the 2017 Penn State team that won the Fiesta Bowl against Washington. Greenhalgh discovered Miller’s talent when he was a junior. The renowned coach also mentioned that Miller has been training with Bailey Murphy, one of their top fighters.
Miller is set to make his debut at the Battle of Atlanta, joining a strong team that includes Murphy, Jayson René, Ben Clarke, Brandou Ballou, and Kevin Walker. Greenhalgh is pleased to have Miller on board, as it allows him to field two men’s fighting teams. Despite interest from other teams, Greenhalgh was able to secure Miller’s services. He described Miller as a powerful fighter but did not provide any further information about his abilities.

Team Straight Up lands former Steeler Jarvis Miller

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