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Elijah Everill agrees to join Karate Combat.


According to Everill, he has always aspired to become a professional fighter and is thrilled that his dream has finally come true. He is excited to face the challenge of competing against some of the world’s top strikers and believes that Karate Combat provides the ideal platform for him. Everill is confident that his fighting style will be well-suited for the pit. He expresses gratitude towards those who have assisted him in preparing for this fight and supported him throughout his journey. Although he has reached this point, Everill believes that this is just the beginning.Articles on the internet that are related to the topic.Reworded: Articles found on your website.
Everill has added another sport martial arts celebrity to their lineup with the inclusion of Raymond Daniels, who will be facing off against former UFC fighter Sasha Palatnikov in a middleweight bout for the co-main event. The main event will showcase Luiz Victor Rocha, the lightweight champion, as he defends his title against Bruno Souza. Fans of the sport can watch the fights for free on Karate.com or Karate Combat’s YouTube channel.Elijah Everill, a highly accomplished point fighter and kickboxer from England, has recently signed with Karate Combat. He will be joining his mentor Raymond Daniels and teammate Robbie Lavoie as All Stars in the Karate Combat pit. Everill is known for his exceptional skills in sport martial arts, having won WAKO tournaments in Europe and NASKA titles in the US. His game is well-rounded, with a focus on his signature blitz that is considered one of the fastest in the world. His unique combination of length and explosive speed allows him to manage distance and close gaps quickly, which will likely be an advantage in his debut at KC39 on May 20th. His opponent, Rahul Bhowmick, is a formidable opponent with a background in World Karate Federation and a doctorate in pharmacy.

Elijah Everill signs with Karate Combat

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