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Paddy Pimblett has replied to Matt Frevola’s challenge, with Frevola expressing his willingness to delay the fight until the NYC event.


Pimblett expressed surprise at being called out at a time when he is unable to train, stating that he would be willing to fight Frevola once he is able to. He also noted that this fight would likely be the easiest way for him to enter the top 15 rankings.I have full confidence in my abilities and believe I could defeat anyone if given the chance. However, I am aware that I am not invincible and could also be defeated. This is just the nature of the sport. As fighters, we strive to be the dominant force. A match against Paddy would be an exciting one.Frevola expressed that there are various possibilities for the outcome of the fight. He finds it thrilling that his opponent is always aggressive on his feet, throwing powerful kicks and punches. Frevola may either counterstrike and quickly knock him out, or if his opponent is more cautious, Frevola will take the initiative to push forward, take him down, and dominate the fight.Frevola expressed his optimistic view that the ideal situation would be to have the fight at Madison Square Garden in November, as the fighter is affiliated with Barstool Sports, which is located in New York City. He believes that it would be an enjoyable experience if they were to hold the fight then.Matt Frevola made a phone call and Paddy Pimblett responded.If he requires additional time, I wouldn’t mind fighting in Las Vegas during December. My only desire is to compete at the end of the year. I underwent ankle surgery and still have two pins in my ankle. Despite this, I fought six months after my surgery. Thus, he should be prepared.Frevola is confident that he can challenge Pimblett in any situation, whether the fight remains upright or goes to the ground, and he is eager for that type of test.Frevola was not bothered by Pimblett’s comment about taking the “easiest route” to enter the rankings. This is because Frevola had requested a fight against an opponent who is not currently considered one of the top fighters in the lightweight division.Frevola stated that he is willing to wait for a fight of such significance, and he may even have the chance to compete near his hometown of Long Island if the UFC plans to resume events in New York City in November.Frevola expressed his understanding of the situation, stating on The MMA Hour that he recognizes the challenges of facing the top 15 fighters in the lightweight division. He emphasized that the division is highly competitive, with any fighter capable of winning against another on any given day.Regarding the fight, Frevola is confident in his ability to defeat Pimblett, but his main priority is to deliver an exciting performance for the audience.After an impressive victory over Drew Dober at UFC 288, Frevola immediately set his sights on Pimblett and requested a fight with the Liverpool fighter later this year. Although Pimblett is currently recovering from ankle surgery and won’t be able to compete for a few months, he acknowledged Frevola’s challenge on social media.After defeating Dober, Frevola is eager to challenge himself against Pimblett, a rising star in the UFC who has garnered significant attention.Since Pimblett is in the process of recovering from ankle surgery, it’s uncertain when he’ll be able to participate in competitions again.”I’m looking forward to grappling with him as his jiu-jitsu skills are impressive. I am also skilled in jiu-jitsu and believe that I have a high level of proficiency. I am eager to showcase my skills, including the Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques taught by Matt Serra and Gracie Tampa South’s Matt Arroyo. Mixed martial arts allows me to display a variety of techniques, and I believe that fighting someone like Paddy will give me the opportunity to demonstrate my full range of abilities.”

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