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UFC’s Tony Ferguson Arrested in DUI Crash


Long-time UFC favorite Tony Ferguson was arrested for drunken driving early Sunday morning after crashing his truck into several parked cars and flipping it over, reported TMZ. The tabloid news outlet said Ferguson hit two parked cars outside a Hollywood club a little before 2 a.m. and that no one was injured, though other sources claim the fighter hit 4 cars and at least one person was taken to the hospital.

Ferguson, himself, was reportedly uninjured, though he was said to have smelled of alcohol and refused a field sobriety test from police officers, who then arrested him. He was later released on his own recognizance but may face charges of DUI and for refusing the sobriety test.From Your Site Articles

Related Articles Around the Web Ferguson has reportedly shown erratic behavior before. In 2019, his wife filed a restraining order against him in what she said was an attempt to get him mental health help for severe paranoia. The restraining order was later dropped. A former interim champion for the UFC, he has lost 5 straight bouts for the company, not having won a fight since June 2019.

UFC's Tony Ferguson Arrested in DUI Crash

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