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Power Slap: The Road to the Championship | Episode 5 – Subtitled in Hindi


A fighter who was talking trash incited a brawl at the Power Slap House, leading to the disqualification of one participant. Following that, there were three more thrilling fights, culminating in one of the most remarkable knockouts to date.

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The most recent Power Slap House contest encountered a physical altercation caused by a participant’s verbal insults, leading to the elimination of one contender. Nevertheless, the event proceeded with three exhilarating matches, culminating in an impressive knockout. Tune in to new Power Slap competitions every Wednesday exclusively on Rumble, which is accessible for free on desktop, mobile, and web. Stay up-to-date with UFC’s latest content and witness UFC live with UFC FIGHT PASS, the digital subscription service. For US and non-US viewers, visit the respective links to order UFC Pay-Per-Views. Purchase official UFC merchandise, collectibles, and VIP live event experiences. Connect with UFC and UFC FIGHT PASS on social media. Don’t miss out on the excitement! #UFC #PowerSlap #DanaWhite

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