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The challenging journey of Fan Rong leading up to ONE Fight Night 10.


When it arrives in Denver on May 5th, will be making its first appearance in the United States. Fan Rong hopes to defeat former two-division World Champion Aung La N Sang at ONE Fight Night 10.

Preview of ONE Fight Night 10 featuring must-see stars such as Johnson, Rodtang, and others.

[embedded content]I am extremely excited and grateful to participate in this major event and compete against a formidable opponent. This opportunity is rare and I intend to make the most of it. I am confident that I will perform exceptionally well and prove to everyone that I am a top middleweight contender worthy of a title shot.Fan stated that they served as a member of the armed police force and were later chosen to be the martial arts instructor for the women’s special force in Sichuan province. They completed their service and retired as a private in 2015.The Chinese celebrity mentioned that his hometown was notorious for its roughness and frequent occurrences of bizarre events. Consequently, his decision to pursue a career in martial arts did not surprise his parents in the slightest.Fan shared with ONE that he remembers the roads being icy, trees and cars covered in snow, and people bundled up in warm clothing. The Chinese have referred to his community as the most resilient due to the harsh weather conditions they endure. Fan believes that living in such conditions toughens individuals and builds resilience.Fan is thrilled at the chance to defeat a renowned icon in the sport at ONE Fight Night 10. He is fully aware of the significance of this highly anticipated event and is not underestimating his opponent.Fan explained that he provides daily nuggets of advice on topics such as eating, resting, and self-care, and is consistently present to offer guidance. Over time, these individual pieces of advice coalesce into a comprehensive guide for living as a true man.Fan first realized he had a talent for the sport during his school days, starting with Sanda and quickly outperforming his peers. His abilities were acknowledged even in his previous occupation prior to committing to mixed martial arts as a career.Achieving greatness requires more than just physical strength, and Jiang has had a significant impact on Fan in this aspect. As he prepares for his upcoming fight at the 1stBank Center, “King Kong Warrior” is taking this advice to heart.If you were to ask anyone in our industry in China, they would undoubtedly recognize his name. In fact, it’s safe to say that nearly everyone in China who is currently competing on the global stage has some connection to him. Even to this day, he personally coaches us, trains with us, and serves as a shining example for the younger generation. He is a true legend and my greatest source of inspiration.Fan expressed gratitude for having access to the top coach and gym, which allowed him to concentrate on his career and ultimately achieve the status of the finest middleweight in China’s emerging MMA scene.In order to advance to the next level, Fan required more advanced training. He sought out Jiang Longyu for this purpose.Catch ONE Fight Night 10 streaming live and at no cost on Prime Video this coming Friday, May 5. The show kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT for all Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States and Canada.After encountering several setbacks, the two middleweight fighters are set to face each other in a significant bout between potential champions. Just as the journey to arrange this fight was tumultuous, Fan’s path to success in northeastern China was also arduous.

Jiang is an experienced ONE fighter and a prominent personality in the world of Chinese MMA. He attributes his success on the international level to his trainer.Fan Rong's Rocky Road To ONE Fight Night 10

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