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Mike Perry recounted his experience with Conor McGregor during their faceoff at BKFC 41, stating that McGregor appeared prepared to strike him at that moment.


McGregor’s appearance at BKFC 41 could be attributed to his previous encounters with co-headliners Chad Mendes and Eddie Alvarez, whom he had defeated in the UFC. However, Perry believed that the main reason for the audience’s attendance was to witness his victory over a more prominent and accomplished opponent, a former UFC middleweight champion. This would draw attention to him, and he could benefit from McGregor’s presence by gaining additional exposure.He had a strong desire to engage in a physical altercation with me, but I remained composed and appreciative of the chance to face him. He even shared details of our encounter on social media, indicating his enthusiasm for the event. The BKFC event was well-executed, and I was pleased to conclude the evening with my victory.Perry was expected to defeat Luke Rockhold. If he emerged victorious, how could he take advantage of the opportunity?Perry expressed that he felt pressure to meet certain standards and expectations. Upon Conor’s arrival, he saw it as a chance to prove himself and meet those expectations.Perry and the former two-division champion met at BKFC’s most significant event. McGregor was a gracious competitor, acknowledging Perry’s skills and indicating a potential future fight. Perry teased McGregor about his retirement plans, but McGregor insisted he would never retire.Perry expressed his admiration for the person, saying that his mere presence in the ring that night elevated the show’s quality. He believed that the person’s involvement brought a lot of attention to the significant moment in his career, and it added a positive vibe to the occasion.Therefore, he continued to ponder.Perry confirmed that he does want to fight Conor. During their previous encounter in the ring, Conor was prepared to hit him, but Perry had the upper hand that night. Although Conor left with the championship belt, Perry still felt victorious because he received his own platinum belt. After Conor left, Perry was given the opportunity to speak to the microphone and bask in his moment of glory.Perry was warming up in a room located at the upper level of the arena. He heard a lot of noise and his coaches informed him that the biggest name in combat sports had arrived. Upon seeing “Notorious”, Perry began to think deeply.Perry asked for a way to initiate a fight with a professional fighter in a respectful manner, without resorting to trash talk. He expressed gratitude for the word that was suggested to describe his feeling, which put him in a positive state of mind.Perry expressed his enthusiasm for Conor McGregor and believes he still has room to grow in the UFC. Perry hopes McGregor will defeat Michael Chandler and potentially headline a pay-per-view event. Regardless, Perry is eager to fight McGregor.Perry expressed the difficulty of the situation, as he had to concentrate on determining the winner of the fight. However, he also felt that fate played a role and acknowledged the assistance of a higher power.Mike Perry, along with most of the attendees at BKFC 41 held at the 1stBank Center, was caught off guard by Conor McGregor’s unexpected appearance.Perry’s unexpected behavior went viral, as he’s known for his past feuds in and out of the UFC. However, on this occasion, he opted to take on a more amicable persona.If Perry didn’t boast about his future fights and claim victory over his potential opponents, he wouldn’t be a true fighter. Although he may not be on the same level as McGregor currently, he has taken note of the UFC superstar’s success and knows that effective promotion can make anything possible.Perry experienced a personal loss when a close family friend, Michael Milmerstadt, passed away. Perry felt that Milmerstadt would continue to watch over him and provide guidance during his boxing matches.McGregor is currently bound by a contract with the UFC. If the UFC had been aware of his plans to compete with another fighter, they would likely have expressed their disapproval. However, McGregor couldn’t resist and borrowed a BKFC belt from two-division champion Lorenzo Hunt, which he proudly displayed on his shoulder before entering the ring.Perry defeated Rockhold in just two rounds, causing him to surrender after being hit with a series of punches that knocked out one of his teeth. With the victory secured, Perry took the opportunity to challenge McGregor to a staredown, a simple yet effective method of generating buzz for future fights.

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