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Henry Cejudo is considering retiring from MMA for the second time after losing his UFC 288 title.


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“I believe we should reconsider and reflect on the situation. As I mentioned earlier, if I’m not the winner, then I’m the loser. Before making any decisions, I need to have a conversation with Dana and my spouse. It’s uncertain at this point, but this could potentially be my final fight in the Octagon.”Henry Cejudo, who had just lost at UFC 288, appeared at the post-fight press conference looking sad. A member of the media asked him if he had any further thoughts on retiring during the time it took him to leave the cage and go backstage. Cejudo was still unsure about his future, but he said he wanted to spend more time with his daughter.He shared that he and his spouse are anticipating the arrival of their second offspring, which will surely factor into his choice when he ultimately decides.When asked if he would retire after Saturday night’s main event, Henry Cejudo did not give a definite answer. He stated that he needed to consider his future before making any impulsive decisions.Henry Cejudo is considering retiring once more following his unsuccessful comeback to the Octagon on Saturday evening.

Henry Cejudo discusses the possibility of retiring during a press conference after his fight.

Cejudo expressed disappointment in his loss to Aljamain, acknowledging that he hates losing. However, he also admitted feeling confused about his next steps, as it has been three years since his defeat. He compared his situation to a quote from the movie “Talladega Nights,” stating that if he can’t win, he feels like he’s lost. His ultimate goal was to move up to 145 pounds, but if he can’t beat Sterling, he’s unsure of where that leaves him.’Triple C’ was unsuccessful in his attempt to win the bantamweight championship at UFC 288, losing a controversial split decision to the current 135-pound titleholder, Aljamain Sterling. After the fight, Cejudo spoke with Joe Rogan in the Octagon and expressed his confusion, not just about the outcome of the fight, but also about his future in the sport.”I need to take a step back. My spouse is expecting, and we’re preparing for another child. Over the past few months, I haven’t been able to give my child the attention they deserve. I’m a devoted father and enjoy spending time with my children. However, cutting weight and not being able to hold my child has caused me to neglect my responsibilities. My training partners have stepped in to help, but my time with my child is precious to me, especially with another child on the way.”If Henry Cejudo decides to retire, he will surely go down in history as one of the most accomplished athletes in the sport. Being an Olympic gold medalist already puts him in a select group of top-tier competitors. In addition, as a two-division UFC champion, Cejudo is an undeniable legend in combat sports and deserves recognition for his achievements.

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