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At UFC 288, Sterling emerges victorious over Cejudo.


Aljamain Sterling, who is frequently criticized, delivered an outstanding performance on Saturday as he defeated Henry Cejudo, a champion in two weight divisions, through a split decision in the main event of UFC 288 held in Newark, N.J.

Articles on the internet that are related to the topic.The winner eased up in the last round, but managed to secure a split decision victory, potentially putting an end to any remaining skepticism about their abilities.In the second round, Sterling was more energetic, but in the third round, Cejudo utilized his wrestling skills to overpower Sterling and bring him down into front headlock positions. Cejudo finished the round with a smooth trip off a body lock. However, Sterling regained control in the fourth round. When Cejudo once again brought him down to all fours in a front headlock, Sterling struggled his way towards the challenger’s legs. Cejudo had to go into a near full split against the fence to prevent the champion from completing the reversal, but Sterling managed to finish the takedown and ended the round on top.

Reworded: Articles available on your website.After a three-year break, Cejudo, the former champion in flyweight and bantamweight categories, made a comeback. He was expected to win but Sterling began the fight with a lot of energy, moving around and throwing punches. Despite Cejudo managing to take Sterling down by holding his body, Sterling got back up on his feet. Then, he grabbed Cejudo with both arms and pushed him against the fence. He successfully took down the former Olympic gold medalist wrestler and ended the first round with Cejudo on his back.

Sterling Beats Cejudo at UFC 288

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