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Aljamain Sterling commented on Sean O’Malley’s physical condition, stating that he plans to defeat him easily and quickly.


During UFC 250 in 2020, Sterling defeated Cory Sandhagen by using a rear-naked choke in a single round. This victory is regarded as his most outstanding performance in the UFC to date. As he prepares to face O’Malley in his next match, “Funk Master” has stated that he intends to replicate his previous success and defeat “Sugar” in the same way he did Sandhagen.”He was offered a title shot, but he declined and gave Henry a chance to make history. It’s time to step up and compete with the best or move up a weight class. Don’t just talk and bark, take the opportunities given to you. That’s what the sport is all about. I’m confident that I can defeat him in one round.”

Sterling evaluated, “I will execute the same strategy I used against Sandhagen. I will advance aggressively, while he relies on his footwork. I will block off his movement by cutting off the cage, and eventually force him to retreat. Once he throws a foolish kick, I will seize the opportunity to grab him and fold him in half like a lawn chair. This will result in my victory, guaranteed.”
Sterling stated that if a top-tier fighter like Cejudo couldn’t defeat him, then it’s unlikely that a weak fighter like O’Malley would be able to do so.

Shortly after securing his bantamweight championship with a split decision victory against Henry Cejudo, Aljamain Sterling engaged in a brief but intense confrontation with Sean O’Malley. During his post-fight press conference, “Funk Master” explained how he could easily defeat “Sugar” in just one round.

Sterling shared his opinion on Sean O’Malley, stating that he believes he is weak. He compared O’Malley to Henry, a short and sturdy gold medalist in Olympic wrestling with excellent takedown defense, and questioned what he would do to O’Malley in a fight. Sterling spoke candidly about the situation.

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