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Douglas Lima and Michael Page will face off in Bellator 221.


Douglas Lima is set to return to #bellator296 in Paris for a showdown against Costello van Steenis. The question on everyone’s mind is who will emerge as the winner? To get a glimpse of this unexpected match victory, let’s take a look at a previous Bellator clip.

Forthcoming happenings: https://www.bellator.com/event

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The forthcoming Bellator competition, #bellator296 in Paris, will showcase Douglas Lima and Costello van Steenis in a face-off. The main query is who will emerge as the winner? To catch a sneak peek of this surprising match, watch a previous Bellator video. For further details on upcoming events, go to https://www.bellator.com/event. Remember to get the new Bellator MMA app from the Apple Store or Play Store and sign up for the Bellator MMA newsletter to stay up-to-date. Follow Bellator MMA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for more material.

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