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Dana White responds to Conor McGregor’s widely circulated confrontation with BKFC fighter Mike Perry, stating that everything is fine.


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During an interview with Robbie Fox on My Mom’s Basement, Dana White discussed the upcoming UFC 288 event in New Jersey. The conversation eventually shifted to Conor McGregor and his involvement with BKFC 41. When asked about McGregor’s behavior, White shared his opinion.Dana White discussed Conor McGregor’s much-awaited comeback to the Octagon. McGregor is set to participate in The Ultimate Fighter, a reality series by the promotion, where he will face Michael Chandler. The show is scheduled to air from May 29, and after its conclusion, McGregor is expected to fight Chandler. However, since McGregor is not yet part of the USADA testing pool, fans are becoming doubtful.White mentioned that he saw a recent photo of Conor and noticed that he appeared to have lost some weight, possibly indicating that he’s beginning to prepare for his next fight. However, White acknowledged that Conor has been dealing with a lot of physical challenges since breaking his shin bone, and they will schedule his next fight as soon as he is ready.Last Saturday night, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship put on a thrilling event featuring renowned fighters such as Eddie Alvarez and Luke Rockhold. The biggest highlight of the night, however, was the unexpected appearance of Conor McGregor during the final three fights. His presence caused a stir among fans in Denver.Conor McGregor sat back with a bottle of Proper No. 12 and watched his former colleagues perform in the ring. He was lively and engaged throughout the event. After Mike Perry won the main event with a second-round TKO, he challenged McGregor to join him in the ring. McGregor accepted the challenge and entered the ring with a BKFC world title belt over his shoulder.Dana White, the President of UFC, shared his opinion on the highly circulated confrontation between Conor McGregor and Mike Perry, a fighter from BKFC.

Dana White spoke about the current situation regarding the potential fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler.

The confrontation quickly spread across the internet as enthusiasts pondered the possibility of a crossover fight between the two powerful contenders.Conor McGregor’s most recent fight in the Octagon was at UFC 264 in July 2021. During the first round of his third match against division rival Dustin Poirier, McGregor suffered a broken leg, leading to a TKO loss. McGregor’s most recent victory was against UFC Hall of Fame inductee Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone in 2020. Before that, he won the UFC lightweight title by defeating then-champion Eddie Alvarez.White stated that he believes Conor was enjoying himself and got carried away in the moment when he was called into the ring by Mike Perry. White also observed Conor drinking a bottle of Proper No. 12, which may have contributed to his behavior. However, White acknowledges that Conor has achieved a lot and made a significant amount of money, so he sees no issue with him having a good time.

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